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Affordable Thermal Imagers Newsletter

Palmer Wahl

Maintenance, Energy Savings, Inspections
- Made Affordable and Easy with

Wahl's HeatSpy® HSI3000 Series
Thermal Imaging Cameras 

Palmer Wahl has the solution for you with 4 models
to choose from to best suit your needs!


Multi-Purpose HSI3000 Fully Radiometric, Wahl's HeatSpy® HSI3000 Series cameras permit you to read simultaneously on the camera,
2 temperatures on any of 19,200 pixels over the entire image.

Multi-Purpose HSI3000
Operates in the temperature range of 14° to 482°F (-10° to 250°C)

TWO CAMERAS IN ONE - with the removal of a lens filter, and a simple change in a menu setting, you have the ability to switch between two temperature ranges in the same camera:

Switches between temperature range of 392° to 932°F (200° to 500°C) or 14° to 482°F (-10° to 250°C)

Switches between temperature range of 392° to 1652°F (200° to 900°C) or 14° to 482°F (-10° to 250°C)

Long Distance HSI3003 Detection and temperature measurement of objects over long distances.

Offers a narrow angle 9.1° x 6.8° lens, in the range of 32° to 482°F (0° to 250°C)
Magnifying Eye Piece

OPTIONAL Magnifying Eye Piece and Sun Shade improves visibility of the screen and prevents the display from illuminating the users face, which could permit detection while performing surveillance in a dark environment.


Powerful Features of the Wahl HeatSpy® Image Processing Software.

  • Download and view Previously stored thermal images
  • Adjustable Emissivity for precise accuracy
  • Adjustable temperature level and span
  • Enhance image detail manually or automatically
  • Perform accurate detailed temperature measurement analysis
Removable 2GB SD Card Up to 20,000 images can be stored on a Removable 2GB SD Card (included) offering flexibility in the field. Images can be downloaded into included Easy Report software for quick, one page reports, or Report Writer software for multiple image reports.
Palmer Wahl Institute helps you get the most from your camera with your choice of training at either our Asheville facility or at your own location. Learn the basics of infrared and thermography, and how to best utilize all the powerful features of your camera for applications specific to your industry.
Our partnership with The Snell Group, the world's leading expert in Infrared Thermography, allows you the opportunity to become certified as a Level 1, 2 or 3 thermographer, and receive a discount on their training, and on the purchase of one of our cameras. 

Training Institute
Training Institute

Training Institute

 Call us to find out how Wahl's HeatSpy® Thermal Imagers
can work for you!

1-800-421-2853 828-658-3131


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