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November 2005


New Wahl Thermal Imaging Cameras Wahl Instruments, Inc announces their New Heat Spy® Thermal Imaging Cameras. The Heat Spy® Imager (HSI) cameras will set the standard for high value cameras due to their capabilities and low price. Companies can now easily justify buying one or more Thermal Imaging Cameras which can be used by anyone in minutes.

This product is a valuable diagnostic tool for predictive and preventive maintenance. By detecting anomalies often invisible to the eye, the Heat Spy Imager allows corrective actions to be taken before expensive failures happen. Wahl Heat Spy® Imager can be used for inspecting electrical and mechanical equipment. also, pipes on buildings, boilers and furnaces for insulation, tank levels, wet roof insulation, or process equipment failure, and many other applications.

For a HSI1000 DEMO CD visit this link....


Heat Spy Imager Application Story When using the HSI1000 to determine whether water or moisture is present in a wall, it is important to remember a few points that will help to increase the accuracy of your findings.

First of all the moisture must be penetrating the entire wall to the point where it is capable of evaporation from the surface you are measuring - no thermal imager will look through a wall to see what is behind the surface! As the moisture evaporates it will cool the surface of the wall, so as you scan the surface you will see a darker shade where evaporation is occurring. To make this easier, switch the integration to 10 and scan slowly. Where the wall is dry the wall will be lighter. When you see the line of color difference, use the red aligning mark on the LCD and the laser to pin-point the exact location of water in the wall.

Secondly results will be easier to see on the PDA screen if you make a few adjustments. Take the ambient temperature of a wall that is known to be dry in the location you are measuring. If this is, say 73 degrees F the temperatures you are looking for to detect moisture will be lower. Switch off the Auto Range function on the HSI 1000 software and set the temperature range to a low temperature of 70 degrees and a high temperature of 75 degrees manually. The entire color palette will now be split over this range of 5 degrees and show up differences more clearly. Also place one cursor over the red circle on the screen and the other cursor at the top of the screen. These will both show the temperature under their respective pixels so you will have a second point of reference to confirm a temperature change and identify where the moisture is present.

Lastly evaporation will slow down to the point of non-existence if the relative humidity is high. If this is the case try to do something to improve the circumstances for evaporation by increasing air-flow (using a fan or opening windows), decrease humidity by using a dehumidifier and, if circumstance permit, increase the temperature in the room so the ambient air will hold more moisture.

These simple steps will make the HSI1000 become an even more valuable tool in water damage and building restoration markets.


This is just a few of our Distributors:


Carter Instrument Sales --- 3536 East Street, Birmingham, Alabama 35243


Wistech Controls --- 4810 South 36th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85040-2905


Buchanan Industries --- 435 Sunset Court, Mt. Zion, Illinois 62549


DeRossett Company --- PO Box 4151, Kansas City, Kansas 66109


Newton Valve Service --- 10420 "J" Street, PO Box 27309, Omaha, Nebraska 68127


HI Company Inc. --- 5504 Whispering Pines Dr., Summerfield, North Carolina 27358


Myers & Henley, Inc--- PO Box 181448, Fairfield Ohio, 45018-1448


Harold G. Jones --- 201 South Johnson Road Suite 2C, Houston, Pennsylvania 15342


Tri-State Valve and Instrument Co. --- 3497 Stanton Road, Memphis, Tennessee 38108


Allesco --- P.O. Box 40130, Houston, Texas 77240


Waltz Engineered Sales, Inc. --- 48 Davis Avenue, Newport News, Virginia 23601

Visit This Link to search for a local supplier on our website.


Wahl Instruments Inc, announces their New Wahl Breaker WB140 designed to warn of possible component failure or overheat of circuit breakers, motors and electrical equipment due to overheat conditions. Wahl Breaker provides a visual indication of when a breaker, etc. requires attention. The Wahl Breaker continusously monitors 24/7 with no interruption due to power failure or battery exhaustion.

The Wahl Breaker is easy to install, self adhesive, temperature recording label with a silver gray indicator that turns permanently and irreversible black in less than one second with +/- 1% accuracy, traceable to NIST. The Wahl Breaker provides a permanent record of overheating. Thus, the Wahl Breaker is an invaluable tool in every company's Predictive and Preventive maintenance programs.

Each package contains 30 temperature sensitive labels and one inspection log to record every formal visit to inspect labels for color changes. Wahl Breakers are manufactured in the USA by Wahl Instruments, Inc.

For a sample package visit this link....

What NOT to expect from a Thermal Imaging Camera!

When you are asked if a Thermal Imager will work for a particular application, it is important to remember exactly what the imager is displaying. The sensor is converting the energy it receives from the surface of the target into a signal which is displayed as a color on the screen -- a difference in color means a difference in temperature, hence a meaningful display for locating hot or cold spots.

However, energy in the infrared spectral range can only be measured from the surface of particulate matter or solids, therefore there are certain applications that may appear to be logical but when you think about the circumstances are actually doomed to fail! Here are some examples:

GHOST BUSTERS! We have been asked three times now for a thermal imager to use when hunting ghosts. The theory is that the temperature in a room drops when a ghost or supernatural being is present and a thermal imager should see this and show the outline of the ghost, right? Wrong! To the best of our knowledge ghosts have no solid mass or particulate matter, therefore there is nothing to emit energy for the infrared sensors to detect. It does however bring a new concept to "spectral range"!

MOLE CATCHERS! One enterprising Greens Keeper wanted to use a thermal imager to detect moles and gophers burrowing beneath golf courses. Energetic little creatures though they may be, we are confident that they will not generate enough body heat to rise through the soil and show up as a hot spot on the green or fairway, so just let them continue to make a hole in one!

PINE BEETLES TERMITES AND ROACHES! All insects are cold-blooded creatures and therefore do not give off any heat. Consequently they will be masked by whatever they are surrounded by, whether it is trees, house timbers or garbage. Even if they were in a huge colony all chewing frantically at their, or your, habitat they still would not generate enough heat to be detected.

PET IGUANAS! A frantic caller from New York wanted a thermal imager to help find his 4ft. Iguana which had escaped and was hiding in the foliage or trees outside. He had already hired a bloodhound to track it down but failed because Iguanas leave no scent. He was overlooking the fact that Iguanas are also cold-blooded creatures and therefore leave no heat trace. Even after basking in the sun for a day the Iguana would be the same temperature as its surroundings and therefore there would be no temperature difference to detect.

NIGHT CLUB DRUNKS! A Nightclub owner in Houston wanted to install imagers in his club so he could see if there were any drunks under the tables after he had closed. All he would see would be empty table tops as any drunks would be hidden by the table. Perhaps he was also planning on being "under the table"!


Pressure Gauge: Palmer gauges range in size from2 1/2" to 4 1/2". Brass or Stainless steel and most popular ranges in stock.


Digital Process Thermometer: Wahl"s Digi-Stem Thermometers are Industrial tough and great replacements for your Mercury in Glass thermometers.


Hand Held Digital Thermometer: Thermocouple and RTD meters and probes available for high reliability and accuracy applications.



Infrared Hand Held Thermometer: Wahl has a large selection of IR thermometers to choose from.




Bimetal Thermometer: More varieties of Bimetal Thermometers than anywhere else.




Irreversible Temperature Labels Smallest Recorder in the World!

Chance to check out the Palmer Wahl web site: See the entire Palmer Wahl product line of Mechanical, digital, Infrared and temperature sensitive labels.


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