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Home > Heat Spy® News Issue 1

Key Points fromSteve



Wahl has been a major player

in infrared handheld

thermometers for 40+years.

Our Heat Spy® Infrared series

of products have always been

the model for quality and

performance. Our new Heat

Spy® Imagers have features not seen in any other cameras

such as:

 • When looking at an image

   you can determine the

   temperature of every point

   on the screen. In fact, you

   can identify two points on

   the screen, and the camera

   will indicate the

   temperature of each point,

   PLUS the differential

   temperature. This is a big

   advantage in diagnosing


 • The “Heat Spy®” function

   will automatically locate the

  hottest and coldest points



Palmer Wahl President,

Steve Santangelo

Palmer Wahl Introduces the HSI3000

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group announces the addition of the HSI3000 to its line of Wahl Heat Spy® Thermal Imaging Cameras. The low cost, ergonomically designed HSI3000 is an easy-to-use, light, compact, hand held thermal imaging camera. It is used as a detection and diagnostic tool for condition monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems, and building diagnostics such as detecting moisture damage, pest infestation, and

insulation integrity. It is also useful for energy audits. The Wahl Heat Spy® HSI3000 features a 160 x 120, uncooled microbolometer array, capable of producing crisp high- resolution real time thermal images displayed on a large, bright 3.5" color LCD with LED backlight in any of three user selectable color palettes plus grayscale.

Two measurement cursors, movable anywhere on the image, provide temperature readings at each cursor location, and indicate real-time differential temperature measurement

between the two points anywhere along the 14°F to 482°F (-10°C to +250°C) range. A trigger activated Class II laser will precisely identify problem hot spots shown on the marked center of the display. Over 1000 images can be stored onboard for recall and post analysis, and images can also be downloaded to a PC using the supplied memory card reader or USB connection for use with the included software. The HSI3000 is powered by a long life LI-ion rechargeable battery. Standard accessories included with the Wahl Heat Spy® HSI3000 are: battery, AC adapter, USB Cable, user manual and software CD, wrist strap, memory card and reader, and a rugged, foam lined, lockable, waterproof carrying case.

ISO9001:2000 Certified

One Year Warranty

170 Years of

Continued Innovation

Powerful Features of the HSI3000 Include:

Two moveable

temperature cursors

and deltaT.

Heat Spy mode


locates Hot & Cold


Heat Spy® Imager uses a state of the art uncooled 160 x 120 micro bolometer detector. All of the 19,200 pixels are capable of indicating temperatures on the screen. Simply move the + and x cursors to any location on the screen and the temperatures and differential (deltaT) temperature are displayed.

Reduced Area

mode helps to

evaluate the

Hot Spot!

Each cursor can be put into "Heat Spy®" mode to automatically find the hottest and coldest temperature in the image. Easier than ever to find a hot spot and be able to identify it by using the laser pointer when aligned with circle in middle of screen. Choose an area rectangle screen and only the temperatures inside the rectangle will be displayed. Surrounding temperatures can be seen on the screen but are ignored so you can focus in on your target. This feature is most useful in distance applications or small targets.



Removeable 256  MB memory  card stores  over 1000 images. Larger MB memory cards or additional cards store an unlimited number of thermal images! Thus  you  can  keep  working  in  the  field without having to take the camera to the office to download images.

Picture shows socket for AC power supply and USB cable connector to connect with a PC.

Sharper Images

on a Bigger


More pixels provide a higher resolution thermal image and allow identification of smaller detail in the image and consequently more accurate temperature measuring.

Better sensitivity (0.15°C) detects the  smallest temperature difference from pixel to pixel resulting in a sharper image on a big 3-1/2" display.


Powerful Post




Software is included so you can download and manipulate, analyze and store thermal   images. Includes hot and cold spot cursors that will identify the high and low temperatures in the thermal image. Other features include histogram, 2D profiles, dual isotherms and the ability to add multiple temperature points anywhere on the scene.

170 Years of

Continued Innovation


Heat Spy® News

Specifications: HSI3000


Note: Complete specifications can be found at     
14° to 482°F (-10° to 250°C)



    *  Rugged


        Carrying Case

    *  Wrist Strap

    *  Battery

    *  AC Adapter

    *  User Manual

        and Software


    *  USB Cable

    *  Memory Card

        and Reader

    *  Plus! Free Wahl

        Heat Spy®



Field of View
20° x 15°
Manual; Minimum Focus Approximately, 11.8 inches (30 cm)
Spectral Response
8 to 14 microns
Thermal Sensitivity
150 mK @ 25°C Scene Temperature
High resolution 160 x 120 pixels uncooled microbolometer
Image Storage
Over 1000 images on supplied memory card
Powerful ability to manipulate and analyze
The greater of ±2% of reading or ±2°C
3-1/2" C
English, French, German, Italian and Spanish included
Laser Pointer
Built in Class II Laser highlights the central measurement area
Two moveable cursors, delta temperature measurement
Emissivity Correction
User selectable 0.2 to 1.0 in steps of 0.01 with reflected ambient       temperature compensation
Operating Range
to 113°F (-15° to 45°C);  Storage Range : -4° to 150°F (-20° to 70°C)
10% to 90% Non-Condensing
Lithium-ion field rechargeable, replaceable batteries
AC Operation
AC Adapter included
USB type B
Impact Resistant Plastic
9.05 x 4.72 x 4.33 inches (230 x 120 x 110 mm);  Weight 1.65 lbs (0.75 kg) including Battery
Handheld and Tripod Mounting
One Year
Applications Include:


Most electrical problems exhibit a gradual rise in temperature prior to their failure. These problems can relate to problems such as:

  • Loose or over tight   connections.
  • Shorted or overloaded circuits
  • Load imbalances.
  • Components which have failed or are fatigued such as fuses, circuit breakers, transformers, etc.


Help reduce heating and cooling energy costs. Find areas of moisture intrusion in roof and walls. Identify conditions conducive to mold or pest problems.

  • Detect improper or missing insulation.
  • Detect energy losses due to air leakage or conductive losses through walls.
  • Check central heating/cooling and underfloor heating systems.


Excessive heating of mechanical devices can signify problems such as:

  • Improper lubrication of bearings and motors.
  • Misalignments in rotating equipment.
  • Improper tension in drive belts and pulleys.


  • Refractory Condition


  • Process Monitoring
  • Quality Control.
  • Product Development & Testing.
  • And many more....




170 Years of

Continued Innovation  

Key Points from Steve Santangelo, President.  

on the screen. This is an enormous time saver compared to finding these points manually on competitors’ cameras.

• Selection of the “Area” option inserts a small visible rectangle, centered on the screen. This concentrates on a smaller area of the display. Max and min temperatures are indicated inside that rectangle only, simplifying the viewing of defined area hot or cold spots. This information is useful for future reference when downloaded on your computer.


• The memory card allows you to store an almost unlimited number of images. No more running to a PC to download pictures. This maximizes your productivity... after all - time is money.


• Finally, no other camera gives you a 160 x 120 array at a price under $6,000.


There are many other great features that we know you will love about this camera, including our Money Back Guarantee! Give this high resolution camera a try, and the performance


will amaze you! If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the camera for a complete refund.

Save money, save time, and be more effective than ever when performing preventative and predictive maintenance and other tasks. When you’re in the market for a thermal imaging camera, think about how the Wahl Heat Spy Imager will save you time and money...  $Ka-Ching$!

       -Steve Santangelo

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           170 Years of

   Continued Innovation

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