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June, July & August 2005 Newsletter

WahlBreakersNew Wahl Breaker drops jaws!

Wahl is pleased to announce the New Wahl Breaker irreversible temperature label for electric panels, motors etc. Simple apply the labels onto each circuit breaker and your electrical system will be monitored 24/7, warning you of a potential problem if the label senses 140°F at any time. Each package has 30 labels and an "Inspection Log" label included. The price is $28.00 list per package.


Thermal Imaging Training Program a Success!

Quote from an attendee at June's Palmer Wahl Thermal Imaging Training Program! This was our best attended training program to date. Everyone went through an "extreme makeover" and is now well prepared to demonstrate our new Thermal Imaging cameras.


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March, April and May 2005 Newsletter


It is with great pleasure that we announce that Palmer Wahl is now ISO9001:2000 certified! We especially want to thank Paul Lankford our Management Representative and his committee for a job well done!



Our new updated Thermal Imaging Flyer now includes a better explanation of how this camera should be used to enable users to find hot spots faster. Our camera is so easy customers can learn themselves, or we will provide training for an additional fee. Also included are new accessories and kits including PDA's that can be purchased from us so the customer can take the imager out of the box and begin to use it immediately




We are pleased to introduce our new rental program for our Heat Spy Imagers. The cost to rent is very inexpensive, and if the customer should decide that they want to buy one, then 100% of the rental cost paid will be used to offset the price of the imager for up to a year after the unit was returned! Even if there were multiple rentals within a year the entire rental cost will be applied against the price of a new one. No one else offers a program this attractive! This is a great way to evaluate the unit for your application.




Our new DigiStem Catalog is now easier to use than ever. The model number construction tables on pages 5 and 6 have been simplified for your ease in determining part number. The tables can be used as an order form. DigiStems are growing in popularity as they are PMO approved, 3A approved and available with FM approvals.




Wahl has a line of Thermocouple and RTD calibrators (see the Heat Prober catalog) that can be used to establish traceability to NIST. Our TA30, 50 and 70 series of thermocouple calibrators and CAL392 RTD calibrators now include a NIST certificate. Our CAL RTD calibrators are fitted with a Wahl plug, and will not work on competitor's products unless they use the same plug as ours. The T/C calibrator can be used on most competitors' Thermocouple meters. It is the easiest, fastest and least expensive way to maintain traceability to NIST. It is the most economical way to check thermocouple meters 24/7/365.




AIRBUS A380 made its maiden flight over France on April 27, 2005. Temp Plates are being used to monitor the brakes on the wheels. The label is the 101-6-215C, a 6 position recorder from 215°C to 260°C. The picture to your right will take you to the Applications page for that product on our web site.


February 2005 Newsletter
We are very pleased to announce our new effort in Wireless Measurement, which we see offering a great future for us and our Sales Team! We have entered into a partnership with Pegasus Technologies, Inc. of Lenoir City, Tennessee (near Oak Ridge). Mr. James W. Pearce will provide the expertise in developing the products we identify as offering the best opportunity for growth. We will primarily be looking at opportunities to develop products for applications that have a broad appeal to an entire market rather than an individual customer. We will also be exploring the right combination of products to develop for the Industrial Temperature and Pressure market etc. We’ll keep you up to date as we move along.
Our Heat Spy® Imager was designed to find a hot spot. Our product is the easiest to use on the market, and its low price  makes it appealing to everyone. Electrical and mechanical wholesalers/contractors, students studying engineering, predictive/facility maintenance, fire fighting, electrical apprentice, etc. will be interested in this product. Homeland Security at the local level will all be interested in our camera. Every County has applications covering Fire departments, Police, Emergency Response, Hospitals, Haz Mat and OSHA. Later this year we will be announcing product enhancements to the Heat Spy® Imager including, a Report Generator that will make it easy to prepare reports and show thermal and digital pictures side by side. Our upcoming Bluetooth feature will eliminate all wire connections between the camera and the pocket pc.
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