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New PTG100 Precision Test Gauge from Palmer Wahl

"Click here to learn more about the New PTG100 Precision Test Gauge"



Custom Dial Faces Now Available from Palmer Wahl

"Click here to learn more"


Custom Dial Faces

New Calibration Pressure Pumps

"Click here for more information" PV600

New Solar Powered Pressure Gauges

"Click here to learn more" PSP100

New High Resolution Wahl Heat Spy

"Click here to learn more about the New Wahl z70 Chief Inspector" z70 Series

Palmer Instruments Expands Therowell Line

"Click here to learn more" Thermowells

New Digital Pressure Gauges from Palmer Instruments

"Distributors Click here to learn more about the New Digital Pressure Gauges"

"Customers Click here to learn more about the New Digital Pressure Gauges"

EDG Gauges

Wahl Instruments, Inc. Announces New Black Body Calibration Sources

"Distributors Click here to learn more about the New Black Body"

"Customers Click here to learn more about the New Black Body"

Black Body

Wahl Instruments Inc. Announces New Line of Thermal Imaging Cameras.

" Click here to learn more about USA only Cameras"

" Click here to learn more about International Cameras"

"Click here for Palmer Wahl Customers eNewsletter"

Thermal Imager

Announcing New Differential Gauges from Palmer.

" Click here to learn more" Differential

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group is proud to announce our newest line of RTD & Thermocouple Sensor Assemblies.

"Click here to learn more" RTD & Thermocouple Sensor Assemblies

Palmer Wahl Celebrates 175 years
2011 marks the 175th year of business for Palmer Instruments, part of Palmer Wahl.

"Click here to learn more" Aniversary Seal

Maintenance, Energy Savings, Inspections
- Made Affordable and Easy with HSI3000 Series Thermal Imagers.

"Click here to learn more" HSI3000

"BIG NEWS" Things are really happening at Palmer Wahl!!!.

"Click here to learn more" Processing's Breakthrough Products 2008

NEW! Wahl DST600 Digi-Stem RTD Temperature Indicating Device for Low-Acid Canned Food Retorts, Dairy Processors, USDA, Pharmaceutical Companies and Temperature Critical Applications

"Click here to learn more" DST600 Adjustable Quarter Stem

Thermal Imaging for Building Envelope and Thermal Bypass Inspection

"Thermal Imaging for Building Envelope and Thermal Bypass Inspection...." Thermal Imaging Building Inspection

New High Temperature, and Long Distance Thermal Imagers

"Click here to learn about our new products...".

New Thermal Imagers - Calibrators - Ohmmeters

May 2007 Training Program - we hosted a very successful program with attendees from around the world this past May. They were trained on our new thermal imagers, calibrators, and ohmmeters. We also covered information on our lease and rental programs. Interested in training for our Thermal Imaging products? Click here for more info.

Wahl's Heat Spy® Imager

         OUT PERFORMS Flir's E45

and Fluke's Ti30, for thousands

of dollars less!

 Heat Spy® News eLetter Issue 1


Thermal Imagers are "Affordable"

"NEW" Thermal Imagers and Lease Program in August News eLetter.

New! Products from Palmer Wahl

View our June NEWS eLETTER and see  what's "HOT".

Racing goes Thermal!

Racecar Engineering Wahl Camera

"Racing goes thermal! Read here to see how thermal imaging is being used to understand racecar performance."


New! Calibration News

Announcing our new Calibration News keeping you up to date with information about maintaining your equipments calibration certifications...


November 2005 Newsletter

Spotlight on... Heat Spy Thermal Imager, Wahl Breakers,                                                           News to Amuse...

Archived Newsletters

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