Piston Type Snubber, 1/2" NPT, 5,000 PSI
Model Number 5050

Product Description :
All products from Palmer Instruments are constructed of the finest materials and designed for reliable service in severe environments. However, some applications occasionally arise where additional protection is needed. Where rapid pulsations or hydraulic hammering is likely to be encountered, a Snubber is recommended. Palmer Piston Type Snubbers, unlike sintered metal snubbers, resist clogging and are self-cleaning. During rapid fluid flow, the floating piston is forced up against the orifice, choking the flow and protecting the gauge. By changing the diameter of the piston, the system can be "tuned" to your specific working fluid. The Snubber comes with five different pistons which are easily changed in the field. Piston recommendations are available. 316 Stainless Steel Piston Type Snubber has 1/2" NPT fitting and 5,000 PSI rating.

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