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Home > Process Thermometers > Digi-Stem Thermometer Systems > > Digi-StemŪ Digital RTD Thermometer

Digi-StemŪ Digital RTD Thermometer
Model Number DST620

Secondary Sensor Now Available!
DST620 Digi-Stem RTD Meter, Transmitter, No Connector
DST600 meter mounted in a dual port enclosure with a secondary RTD wired to an internal 4-20mA transmitter. Users access the 4-20mA transmitter via a 1/2" NPT-Female connector.

Additional Options:
I Models: Digi-Stem RTD Meter, LCD, International ("AA" Battery included).
NB Models: Digi-Stem RTD Meter, (No Battery included). Requires purchase of C Battery from local supplier.
Q Models: Digi-Stem RTD Meter with Quick Disconnect

  • Trustworthy Alternative to Mercury-in-Glass
  • Exclusive Continuous Self Checking Technology to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Ambient operation at -40°F to 158°F
  • User Selectable °F or °C
  • Exclusive Adjustable Meter Update Rate
  • Adjustable Angle, Rigid, or Remote Probe configurations available
  • Unique Probe ID feature prevents use of unauthorized probes
  • Programmable "RØ" for "matching" sensor to meter
  • User friendly Single Point Software Calibration
  • Tamper Resistant - all adjustments require software
  • Exclusive Quick Disconnect Connection option on Remote Cables
  • Long Battery Life - 2 years nominal
  • NIST Traceable Certificate of Conformance Optional

Innovative New Technology!
Wahl's NEW! DST620 Mercury-in-Glass (MIG) thermometers, the only standard for years, may now be replaced with other technologies under the FDA's Final Rule for 21 CFR Part 113. Wahl's DST620 is a digital 4-wire RTD thermometer, designed and manufactured using high reliability components to meet the Final Rules mandate that the Temperature-Indicating device be accurate to 1°F, and not be affected by EMI or environmental conditions.
The Wahl DST620 also meets the current USDA 9CFR318.305 for canned meat and 9CFR381.305 for canned poultry products..

This listing is for the DST620 Meter Only. Choose a matching Probe to create a complete system

Continuous Self Checking Accuracy
The Wahl DST620 meets and exceeds the FDA rules by incorporating self-checking technology which continuously verifies the accuracy of the electronics, and indicates any out-of-tolerance conditions, assuring that its accuracy and ability to function properly during processing are not compromised. Test temperatures are set at 180°F (82.2°C), and 250°F (121.1°C). Out of tolerance conditions will be displayed as an error, and immediately indicate to the operator if accuracy is not maintained, preventing under- or over-processing of product. The Wahl DST620 is the best reference standard against potential health hazards!

Drop-in Direct MIG Replacement
The Wahl DST620 offers the highest precision temperature measurement technology with many unique features - making it the best choice for your processing needs. It has a field replaceable battery with a 2 year life, and provides a trustworthy alternative to MIG style thermometers with drop-in direct replacement. It is available with MIG standard tapered bulb chambers, or in a variety of probe configurations. The Wahl DST620 also features a 1" high LCD display - readable from 30 feet away!

Calibration Records and the Final Rule  "How to Successfully implement the recent FDA Final Rule 21 CFR on Temperature Indicating Devices."

TID Qualification with respect to 21 CFR Part 113.40

TID Installation "How to Successfully implement the recent FDA Final Rule 21 CFR on Temperature Indicating Devices."

This product is not normally in stock.

Call 1-800-421-2853 or e-mail us for specific availability.

Made in the USA Two Year Warranty Traceable to NIST A3 Logo


Digi-StemŪ Digital RTD Thermometer
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 Product Information
Product Specifications 1494kb
Full Product Line Catalog 347kb
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    DST610,611, 620, 621, 650, 651, 660, 661 Ordering Guide
    DST620 Data Sheet
    DST600 Series User Manual

    USDA Equipment Acceptance Certification

    Canadian Food Inspection Agency Guidance on RTDS for Retorts

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    NEW Digi-StemŪ Thermometers with Quick Response

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