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EDG Digital Gauges
Model Number EDG Digital Gauges

This product is being Phased Out, call for availability.

Palmer 2-1/2" EDG Series Digital Pressure Gauges
are easy to read and allow for greater userselectable configurations!

A great alternative to an analog gauge, the new Palmer EDG Series Digital Gauge offers 1% accuracy in the range of Vacuum to 300 PSI for your applications.

  • User-selectable:
    - Resolutions: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, and 1 whole unit.
    - Engineering units for standard: PSI, Bar, kgf/cm2, kPa.
    - Engineering units for vacuum: PSI, mBar, mmHg, inHg.
    - Single point calibration with known pressure input. Minimize errors at your expected operating pressure for optimum accuracy.
    - Modes to display constant applied pressure or peak and hold.
  • Available in standard and compound ranges.
  • Pressure reset/zero button.
  • Protective Rubber Boot provides impact dampening and IP54 compliance. IP40 without boot.
  • Standard 9V battery; easy and inexpensive to replace.
  • Battery conservation mode with auto-off timer, user-adjustable from 5 to 180 seconds in 5-second intervals.
  • Battery good for 8000 cycles (180 sec. per cycle with 300 sec. intervals) or approximately 1500 hours. Reducing cycle time will extend battery life.
  • Upgraded internals for corrosive models to 316 SS, with 304 SS connection.
  • Process connection: 1/4" NPT, Bottom Connected.
  • Accuracy 1% F.S. 1 digit.
  • Optional NIST Traceable Certificate of Conformance.

Call 1-800-421-2853 or e-mail us for specific availability.



EDG Digital Gauges
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