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Home > Digi-Stem Digital Thermometers > Wahl DST400 > DST400 Digi-Stem® Thermometer System > Digi-Stem® DST400 Thermometer

Digi-Stem® DST400 Thermometer
Model Number DST400

Wahl's NEW! DST400 is the newest addition to Wahl's Digi-Stem family of Digital Thermometers. They are wide range, high accuracy thermometers designed for many applications where accurate and reliable temperature monitoring is important.

The DST400 features the same reliable and rugged construction as Wahl's other popular Digi-Stem brand RTD thermometers, but with a choice of one of 5 user specified thermocouple input types - K, J, T, E or S.

Select any of the 5 factory programmed Thermocouple inputs at time of purchase, and change to any of the other 4 inputs after purchase with our easy to use optional DSTCAL software. Interchangeable stickers are provided to indicate which thermocouple type is programmed at any given time. DSTCAL Software allows the following functions:

  • Set Thermocouple Type Programs meter for use with J, K, T, E or S type thermocouples. One meter - 5 options!
  • Meter Calibration Calibrates mV measurements of the meter.
  • Cold Junction Compensation Calibration Calibrates CJC sensor for increased accuracy.
  • Set Sample/Display Rate Optimizes sample rate to match your process speed and maximize battery life.
  • Tamper Resistance DSTCAL software is required for all temperature adjustments, providing added security.
The Wahl DST400 can be used with a wide selection of thermocouple probes from Wahl, and is compatible with third party thermocouple probes with a " NPT instrument fitting.

NEMA-4X Stainless Housing withstands use in industrial process monitoring applications, indoors or out, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and tire & rubber. The DST400 replaces the DST300 and DST200.


Call 1-800-421-2853 or e-mail us for specific availability.

Made In The USA Traceable to NIST 3 A Logo Two Year Warranty


Digi-Stem® DST400 Thermometer
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 Product Information
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    DST400 Series Ordering Guide
    DST400 Data Sheet
    DST400 User Manual

    PLEASE watch the video below before submitting an RFQ

    BEFORE REQUESTING A QUOTE FOR THIS PRODUCT! Please Click here to download the DigiStem Ordering Matrix. By selecting the options that best pertain to your application, we will be able to give you a more accurate quote.

    Models and Ranges available:

    - Type K Thermocouple,
    -40 to 2500F (-40 to 1371C)

    DST400J - Type J Thermocouple
    , -40 to 2192F (-40 to 1200C)

    DST400T - Type T Thermocouple,
    -40 to 752F (-40 to 400C)

    DST400E - Type E Thermocouple,
    -40 to 1832F (-40 to 1000C)

    DST400S - Type S Thermocouple,
    32 to 3200F (0 to 1760C)

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