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HSI4000M Fever Alert System
Model Number HSI4000M

Screen groups of people for possible fever with the Wahl HSI4000M Fever Alert Thermal Imaging System!

The NEW! Wahl HSI4000M FEVER ALERT SYSTEM rapidly screens groups of people for elevated body temperature in real time. It can be used as an effective tool to potentially limit the transmission of infectious disease in public facilities such as airports, train stations, hospitals, sports arenas, and businesses.

The Wahl Fever Alert camera offers superior thermal sensitivity and clarity with a 384 x 288 array and 110,592 pixels for a highly reliable and accurate screening system. Accuracy is assured by periodically checking against a calibrated black body reference. Unit can be bracket mounted for convenient fixed installation in multiple locations for easy and unobtrusive monitoring of people as they move through an area.

  • Easy to use, unobtrusive, non-contact skin temperature measurement to select people for further evaluation.

  • Wahl Fever Alert Software features Hot Spot Tracking which simultaneously displays temperature values and cursors on individuals in both the thermal and visible live-feed videos, and in captured images.

  • Hot Spot Tracking instantly tracks up to 7 individuals with skin temperature higher than the pre-set alarm point.

  • Every pixel within the camera's field of view is thermally measured.

  • 110,592 pixels, each measuring the temperature down to a fraction of an inch.

  • Choose to save recordings and images for further analysis. Emissivity, distance, humidity, and environmental factors are adjustable.

  • Monitor from a safe measuring distance of 3 to 10 meters (10 to 32 feet).

Notes: Export license may be required for your country, subject to US Government approval.

Individuals with elevated temperatures must be verified with a medical thermometer after initial screening. .

Note: Training is important to properly operate the Wahl Fever Alert system.

Call 1-800-421-2853 or e-mail us for specific availability.



HSI4000M Fever Alert System
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 Product Information
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    Simultaneous thermal and visible image videos with Hot Spot Tracking are displayed and can be recorded in one of three user selectable modes:

    Thermal and Visible Video and Snapshot (shown left) - live-feed thermal and visible image videos are displayed side-by-side on the top two panels of the screen. If a preset temperature is exceeded, the temperature values are displayed and tracked on individuals live in both modes in the top two panels. Snapshots of the images with the temperature data on individuals are captured in both modes on the bottom two panels of the screen.

    Thermal Image Only - live-feed thermal image video is displayed on the screen. If a preset temperature is exceeded, the temperature values are displayed and tracked on individuals live on the thermal image on the screen.

    Visible Image Only - live-feed visible image video is displayed on the screen. If a preset temperature is exceeded, the temperature values are displayed and tracked on individuals live on the visible image on the screen.

    Hot Spot Tracking, a key feature of the Wahl Fever Alert Software, indicates up to seven individuals within the frame that have skin temperatures higher than the preset alarm point, in each mode described above. The alarm is indicated on the screen as a blinking cursor, pointing to and following the individual in real time, for easy identification as they move through the frame (shown above).

    Multiple audible and visible alarm functions are available, including alarm temperature range, minimum alarm area, multiple spots, and tracking.

    Masking zone feature allows user to eliminate (deselect) fixed temperature interferences from the thermal image, such as lights, vents, or pipes, to avoid a false alarm.

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    For further information, see the related Technical Information menu to the left.


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