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a50 Inspector
Model Number a50

a50 Inspector
Designed for the pro, save and export thermal and digital images with easy report writing software.

First upgradeable camera after purchase.
Maximize scalability by upgrading your camera with up to 15 configurations - at any time!

First user upgradeable camera. (Maximize value by easily upgrading your a30 Detector to a a50 Inspector - in the field!

First extended warranty plan to include annual recalibration, inspection and firmware upgrades. Maximize performance and increase the life of your Heat Spy! (Excludes Battery and SD Card)

The Industry's FIRST No-Fault Warranty now comes with each Heat Spy Inspector sold. SPY-CARE is a two-year No-Fault Protection Warranty. If your Heat Spy Inspector breaks, no matter what the reason, Wahl will repair or replace your camera FREE. If you drop it from a 20 ft ladder, if it falls into a swimming pool, or if you back over it with a truck - any unintentional damage, even if it is your fault - Palmer Wahl will fix or replace your camera for FREE. This protection is for the duration of the warranty period of two years from the original purchase date. Get unlimited repairs and one replacement camera during the two year warranty period!

This offer covers units sold worldwide and does not include shipping and handling charges. Customers outside the USA will be responsible for export licensing fees, if applicable


Upgrade both models
(with a High Temperature option, Wide Angle Lens and / or Telephoto Lens - at any time!

"a" speed at 9 Hertz captures clear, sharp images!

Camera acclimates quickly.
(Sudden ambient temperature changes won't slow you down!

Every Pixel is individually calibrated!

"Double Vision" provides simultaneous capture
( of both a Thermal and Digital picture, and can include up to a 45 second voice recording. (z50 Series only)

Hands-free flashlight ( (optional) screws into camera to brighten dark areas for clear digital pictures. Operates on it's own internal battery, enabling longer camera battery life.

*Export Licensing fee on 30Hz models may be required for your country, subject to US Government approval. No Export License required on 9Hz models.

Wahl's HeatSpy Inspector won the "Darn Good Products Award" for 2013 from Maintenance Solutions magazine. It was voted on by Facility Engineering and Maintenance Professionals as one of the Most Innovative and Useful products of the year.


Call 1-800-421-2853 or e-mail us for specific availability.

Frequently Bought Together :
Base Part No. Name Description
Auxiliary Charging Package
Auxiliary Charging Package Auxiliary Charging Package for Wahl 30, 50, 70, 150 & 170 Series Imagers
Battery Replacement Battery for Wahl 30, 50, 70, 150 & 170 Series Imagers
Tripod Extension
Tripod Extension Tripod Extension for Wahl 30, 50, 70, 150 & 170 Series Imagers
High Temperature Upgrade<br>for 30 & 50 Series Cameras
High Temperature Upgrade
for 30 & 50 Series Cameras
Upgrade Your Heat SpyŽ with your purchase
212° to 1112°F (100° to 600°C)
Wide Angle Lens Upgrade<br>For 30 & 50 Series Cameras
Wide Angle Lens Upgrade
For 30 & 50 Series Cameras
Upgrade Your Heat SpyŽ with your purchase
.5 Magnification allows for a 35° x 26° FOV

Includes initial calibration of lens to camera

If returing camera for upgrade customer pays shipping charges both ways
Telephoto Lens Upgrade<br> for 30 & 50 Series Cameras
Telephoto Lens Upgrade
for 30 & 50 Series Cameras
Upgrade Your Heat SpyŽ with your purchase
2 X Magnification allows for a 8.75° x 6.5° FOV

Includes initial calibration of lens to camera

If returing camera for upgrade customer pays shipping charges both ways
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a50 Inspector
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Buy Now $1,995.00

 Product Information
Product Specifications 734kb
Full Product Line Catalog 2727kb
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    a50 User Manual

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