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Home > Palmer > Pressure Gauges > Industrial Solid Front Pressure Gauges with Blow-Out Back > 4.5" Solid Front Blow-Out Back Industrial Fearless Pressure Gauge

4.5" Solid Front Blow-Out Back Industrial Fearless Pressure Gauge
Model Number 45TF

Accurate, Tough, and Adjustable, Palmer Process Gauges are designed to provide the maximum safety for personnel monitoring the gauges in the event of gauge failure, and to resist the most severe operating conditions created by the ambient environment and the process medium. These gauges are constructed with a solid barrier between the sensing element and the dial front, welded to the socket giving it exceptional strength. In addition to protecting the user from fluid and particles in the event of failure, the backs of these cases are designed to blow out to release pressure inside the case. The 45TF Fearless Gauge has a safety construction featuring a stainless steel "solid front" safety cell protecting the front and sides, and a blow out back. It also has the added feature of a Dampened Movement, making it resistant to high vibrations and pulsating pressure. Case and Blow-Out Disk are Polyammide, Fiberglass Reinforced in 4 - 1/2" (125 mm). Available either filled or dry. Ring is 4 - 1/2" Polypropylene, Fiberglass reinforced. Plexiglass is standard, Safety Glass optional. Socket: AISI 316L Stainless Steel, TIG welded to the elastic element using 316 Stainless Steel. Optional K Monel. Bourdon Tube: All Pressure Sensing Elements are made from AISI 316L Stainless Steel. C-tube configuration is used for ranges below 1000 PSI. Spiral tube configuration for higher ranges. Optional K Monel. Connections are 1/2" NPT threads with built in Stainless Steel Restrictor; 1/4" NPT optional. Movement is AISI Stainless Steel special Dampened Movement with wear-resistant, self-lubricating Delrin gears. Pointer is balanced black aluminum, micrometer adjustable. Dial is white aluminum with black markings. Markings and graduations in accordance with ASME B40. 1-1998. Process Fluid Temperatures: 212F (100C) maximum for standard tube and socket materials, 450F (230C) maximum for optional K Monel dry gauge. Accuracy is 0.5% of full scale Dry, or 1.0% Filled. Overpressure Limits as a percent of full scale value is 30% for ranges up to 870 PSI (60 Bar); 25% for ranges from 670 to 1400 PSI (100 Bar); 15% for ranges above 1400 PSI (100 Bar). Overpressures in excess of these values may result in a calibration shift but will not damage the movement due to the built in stops. Temperature Errors for a normal temperature of 68F (20C) approximately +0.3% error for a temperature increase of 18F and -0.3% error for a temperature decrease of 18F (10C). Many Ranges Available. Additional Options are available. For Option availability and ordering please contact Customer Service.

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