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Sanitary Thermometers - Gauges
HVAC Applications

Palmer Wahl manufactures Quality Instrumentation for a wide variety of Processing Industries.

Our NEW Wahl DST600 RTD Temperature-Indicating Device for Low-Acid Canned Food Retorts, Dairy Processors, USDA, Pharmaceutical Companies and Temperature Critical Applications, offers new technology designed specifically to meet the FDA proposed rule change for 21 CFR Part 113.

We also manufacture products for Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Industry including Utility Pressure Gauges, Industrial Glass Thermometers, Bimetal Thermometers, Heat Spy® Infrared Thermometers, and Heat Prober® Thermocouple Meters.

Our Sanitary Instruments are compliant with 3A Standard 74-02 for all processes requiring sanitary instruments including milk, food, and pharmaceutical. Products include pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers, installed Digi-Stem thermometers, and Cleanliner Dairy thermometers. We also have a variety of sanitary probes for digital thermometers.

Palmer Wahl is uniquely qualified to provide application/technical support, installation and calibration services and product selection from an extensive line of industrial temperature, pressure, humidity, test & calibration instruments - including thermal imaging cameras; infrared thermometers; temperature calibrators; bimetal, dial, industrial, and laboratory thermometers and thermowells; pressure gauges; temperature recording labels; chart recorders; RTD and Thermocouple meters; and micro-ohmmeters. Calibration services available. ISO 9001:2000 Certified.

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