Palmer Instruments Expands Thermowell Line


Palmer Instruments, Inc. announces the expansion of its line of thermowells. Used to protect both your temperature sensor and your production process, high quality Palmer thermowells conform to the size and design of your sensor to maintain the accuracy and response time, while standing up to the harsh conditions of your process.


Available in a wide variety of materials, Palmer Thermowells have been proudly Made in the USA for over 70 years. Using our unsurpassed expertise, we produce a wide variety of standard designs to fit into your process to protect your temperature sensors. Because our machined wells are built in our factory, we have complete control of the production process – let us engineer a custom design to meet your requirements. Our attention to detail enables us to produce precision wells to fit your chosen sensor, allowing us to build to meet your needs and specifications. Palmer offers thermowells in a large variety of configurations, manufactured from high quality standard or exotic materials for all applications. Testing services are available to ensure that your thermowell can meet any challenge that may arise.


An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer, we take great pride in producing the finest thermowells right here in our Asheville, NC plant ensuring our processes result in a top quality product. Combined with our available Digi-Stem Meters or any of our precision products, we can assist you in selecting the optimal temperature solution for your process to provide years of reliable performance.



Need a custom design? We can help. Email us your drawings & specifications.


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