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Attendees at June's Palmer Wahl Thermal Imaging

Training Program!


Training Attendees

Attendees listed from left to right:
Chris Shaver Robert C. Shaver Co., MI
Steve Santangelo Palmer Wahl, NC
Allan Shaver Robert C. Shaver Co., MI
Dennis Chizmar Industrial Marketing & Services, OH
David Esar Robam Sales, Quebec, Canada
Gene Feldman Applied Process Instruments, NJ
Ken Price Tennessee Instruments, TN
Jeff Lindsey Salem Sales Associates, NC
Bob Share Applied Process Instruments, NJ
Richard Santangelo Palmer Wahl, NC
Jim Eldridge Palmer Wahl, NC
Tom Stemmer Accurate Products & Services, OH
Barry Jordan Tiger Controls, NC
Charles Morgan Spectrum Infrared Technology, SC
Lance Harrington HI Company, NC
Richard Poag Salem Sales Associates, NC
Mike Berry Irisys
Bob Miecznikowski PowerCon Company, IA
Rob Miecznikowski PowerCon Company, IA
Ladies in front:
Diane Langley Applied Process Instruments, NJ
Joy Asher Stemmer Accurate Products & Services, OH
Jennifer Daggett Accurate Products & Services
Not Pictured:
Howard Stone George Pearson Co., MO
Jon Doropfi Semac, NC
Alan Clark Palmer Wahl, NC
Jim Adams Palmer Wahl, NC


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