RTD Right Angle Fast Surface Probe


Right angle fast surface probe has a 90° bend tip for reaching into die and mold cavities, electronic chassis, or other restricted areas. 4 inch shank. 900° temperature limit.

Utilizes platinum RTD for long term stability and repeatability and use as a primary standard.

Available with connectors to work with our TM, TMA, 392, and 392HP series meters.



Right Angle Surface

Shank Length

4 inches

Shank Diameter

0.25 inch

Shank Material

Stainless Steel


Platinum RTD

Available Models

TM: M8x1, 4-pin connector (for use with TM612 or TM630)
TMA: Lemo 4-pin connector (for use with TM612A or TM630A)
392AHP: 4-Pin Din connector - Female (for use with 392HP & 392AHP Series)
392A Series: 3-conductor, 0.176 inch “bantam” phone plug, copper alloy (for use with 392A Series)



Handle Material


For Use With

Die and mold cavities, electronic chassis, and restricted areas.

Temperature Limit


Response Time

2 second response measured on a flat surface at 400°F