Terms and Conditions for Vendors

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Acceptance. This purchase order constitutes an offer to purchase from Seller the goods and/or services referenced in this purchase order exclusively under these terms and conditions.

Compliance with Laws. Seller will comply with all applicable statutes and government rules, regulations, and orders, including those pertaining to export control.

Government clauses. Any government clauses applicable to this purchase order are incorporated by attachment to the order or by some other means of reference and supersede all other terms and conditions in this document.

Dodd-Frank Act (Conflict Minerals). Seller will establish appropriate methods to continuously monitor its supply chains to avoid procurement of materials from conflict regions, and will be forthright in sharing compliance information with us.

Quality Control. Seller will establish and maintain a quality control system acceptable to the Buyer for the goods purchased under this contract. Buyer has the right to inspect seller's product and accept/reject based upon buyer's quality requirements.

Changes to Product. Seller will notify us prior to any changes in manufacturing processes or products supplied to us.

Packing, Marking, and Shipping. Seller will pack, mark, and ship all goods in accordance with the requirements of this purchase order and good commercial practices, and in a manner that will secure the best transportation rates. Packing slips will accompany all shipments. The buyer's count will be accepted as final on all shipments not accompanied by packing slips.

Records. Seller will retain all records and documents pertaining to the goods provided in fulfillment of this purchase order for a period of no less than 3 years following completion of delivery of the order.

Access to facility, audit, and inspection. As the product seller provides to us in incorporated into our customer's product, Seller's (your) plant, books, records pertinent to this or any related order (to the extent consistent with applicable laws and regulations) shall at all practical times be subject to review, inspection, and audit by the buyer, the buyer's customer, their authorized representative and any authorized representative of our customer's customer to the extent necessary to verify compliance with their specification or to enable our customer to comply with its obligations to their customer.