CB Series Stainless Steel Case Pressure Gauges

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CB Series Palmer Pressure Gauges have AISI 304 Stainless Steel cases and are available in 1.5 inch (40 mm), 2 inch (50 mm), 2.5 inch (63 mm) and 4 inch (100 mm) diameter cases.

These gauges are economical, accurate, and appropriate for general industrial use.

CB Series gauges feature all stainless steel cases and brass internals.  Available in PSI, Bar, kg/cm2, kPA,.  Note that dual scales are available.


Case Sizes

1.5 inches (40 mm)
2 inches (50 mm)
2.5 inches (63 mm)
4 inches (100 mm)

Case Material

AISI 304 Stainless Steel


AISI 304 Polished Stainless Steel
Crimped Bezel Ring


Instrument Glass or Engineered Plastic on 1.5 inch cases.
Acrylic on 2 inch, 2.5 inch, and 4 inch cases.




1/8 inch NPT on 1.5 inch case models.
1/4 inch NPT on 2, 2.5, and 4 inch case models.
Optional 1/4 inch NPT to 1/2 inch NPT stainless steel adapter available separately.


1.5 inch gauges: ±2% mid-range.
2, 2.5, and 4 inch gauges: ±1.5% mid-range.

Bourdon Tube

Brass or Phosphorus Bronze


OT59 Brass gears with 304 Stainless Steel plates.


Painted black aluminum, non-adjustable


White aluminum with black markings in accordance with ASME B40.1 -2005

Scales Available

kg/square centimeter
Dual Scale

Available PSI Ranges

15 psi
30 psi
60 psi
100 psi
160 psi
200 psi
300 psi
400 psi
500 psi
600 psi
800 psi
1000 psi
1,500 psi
2,000 psi
3,000 psi
4,000 psi

Available Compound Ranges

-30 inches of HG to 15 PSI
-30 inches of HG to 30 PSI
-30 inches of HG to 60 PSI
-30 inches of HG to 100 PSI
-30 inches of HG to 160 PSI

Available Mounting Styles

Stem Mount, Lower Connected (standard)
Stem Mount, Back Connected


Wet (Glycerin fill standard)
Silicone Fill available


1.5 inch and 2 inch case models require a 50 pieces minimum purchase per case size if not in stock; mix and match dry, wet, ranges, or mountings.
2.5 inch and 4 inch case models require a 25 piece minimum per case size. Mix and match dry, wet, ranges, and mountings.
Non-stock ranges of 2.5 inch and 4 inch case models may require a 5 piece minimum per range as a part of the 25 to 50 piece overall minimum purchase.