DHS520 Series Heat Spy High Temperature Infrared with Bluetooth and Data Logging


The Wahl DHS520 Series Heat Spy models are high precision portable infrared thermometers, designed for accurate high temperature measurement in the range of 1122° to 5432°F (600° to 3000°C). The measured temperature is displayed in four simultaneous modes: continuous, average, max, and min, with user selected mode for the viewfinder display. Temperature measurement resolution to 1°

Accurate sighting is ensured by the clear, wide angle (9°) field of view and small, clearly defined (1/3°) measurement area. Focusing is variable from 1m to infinity,  with close focus options available using auxiliary lenses. Optional data logger software allows you to connect to a mobile device and view, analyze and record live temperature readings.  The DHS520 includes a built in Route Mode, allowing the user to execute up to 4 preconfigured routes to ensure accurate readings and long
term data trending. Internal Data Logging up to 9999 readings with onboard storage for single handed operation, without the need for a separate device.

Features include Bluetooth® or USB connection to PC, Laptop, or Mobile device with optional data logger software on Mobile Phone or PC/Laptop, precise view of target spot with simultaneous digital display of temperature in the viewfinder, choice of operating and calculating modes, digital output and out of range alarms.  Available accessories include Close-Up Lenses, Hardsided carry case, Cross body sling, and Long eye relief adapter.  NIST Calibration Available.

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High Temperature with Datalogging

Neutral Density Filters

L1 Model: 1 internal eye protection filter
L2 Model: 2 internal eye protection filters for high temperature applications

Temperature Range

1122° to 5432°F (600° to 3000°C)

Data Storage

Internal storage of up to 9999 readings, including date & time stamp. Nine routes of up to 99 readings per route.


Free PC and mobile software for logging, stored data retrieval, and route management. Call Customer Service for info.

Data Logging

Wireless Bluetooth or USB connection to PC, laptop, or mobile device with free optional data logging software.

Data Logging Modes

Single, Latch, Burst, and Route

Spectral Response

1 μm with advanced spectral filtering

Emissivity Adjustment

0.10 to 1.20 in 0.01 step graduations

Response Time

30 milliseconds

Display Update Time

0.5 seconds


< 0.25% (K) of reading

Measurement Resolution

0.1°C / 1°F

Field of View

180:1 Circular


≤ 1°C / 2°F

Operating Temperature Range

32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)

Measuring Mode

Continuous, Peak, Average, Max & Min

Optical System

9° Field of View with 1/3° (180:1 to 98% measurement energy) area. Eyepiece adjustable: -3.75 to +2.5 diopters

Focusing Range

39.3 inches (1 meter) to infinity. 17.7 inches to 24.5 inches (450 mm to 620 mm) 8.5 inches (215 mm) fixed focus - with optional close-up lens.

Minimum Target Size

0.19 inches at 39.3 inches (5 mm at 1 meter). 0.07 inches (1.8 mm) 0.016 inches (0.4 mm) with optional close-up lens.


Bluetooth and USB


1 - 9V Battery or USB


8.25 inches x 2.75 inches x 5.5 inches (210 mm x 70 mm x 140 mm)

Weight with Battery

1.8 lbs (0.83 kg)

Included Accessories

Industrial Rubber Casing, Protective Thermal Cover, Lens Cap, Lens Protection Hood, Wrist Strap, USB Cable, 1 - 9V Battery, User Manual

Optional Accessories

Waterproof Carrying Case, Close-Up Lenses, Long Eye Relief Adapter, Shoulder/Neck Strap


One Year Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship

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