Digi-Stem Calibration Software Kit


User friendly DSTCAL Calibration software kit includes software, USB Cable, DST/USB Interface Module, and Digi-Stem Serial Interface Cable. Uses on screen prompts to guide the user through their operation. This software allows the user to configure the following parameters:

  • Sample/Display Rate - Factory default at 2/seconds. Adjustable from .25 seconds to 10 seconds in .25 second intervals. Slower update rates extend battery life.
  • Probe R0 - Compensation feature which allows calibration of meter to be matched to probe.
  • Probe Authorization - Allows user to change probes and authorize the new probe to operate with the existing meter.
  • Meter Calibration - calibrates the meters resistance measurement circuits using precision resistances.
  • System Calibration - used to calibrate a sensor's R0 value to a meter using a standard ice bath.

Software for Windows operating systems only.