Digi-Stem® Advanced Digital Process Pressure Gauge

The NEW Digi-Stem® Advanced Pressure Gauge has accuracy of 0.1% of Full Scale in Relative Gauge, Absolute, Compound, Vacuum, and Barometric Pressure Types.


The Digi-Stem® Advanced Digital Pressure Gauge is an extension of our perenially popular Digi-Stem® Temperature Systems.  Housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure, the DSP is IP68 Compliant and NEMA 6P rated to prevent water ingress.  Additional protection against EMI and RFI prevents external electromagnetic signals from effecting the functioning of the unit.

Accuracy is 0.1% of Full Scale in Relative Gauge, Absolute, Compound, Vacuum, and Barometric Pressure Types, in ranges from -15 to 15,000 PSI.  Easy to read 0.9 inch high primary display shows real time pressure reading on the easy to read backlit screen. The secondary display shows Max, Min, Avg, or Delta in 0.4 inch high digits. Use the percent of Pressure Range indicator on the screen to safely prevent overrange. If extreme accuracy is a must, add our 9-Point NIST Certificate of Conformance at time of purchase.

Battery powered models also feature exceptionally long battery life. The C cell Lithium Metal Battery has a life of up to Four years at the default one second refresh rate.  Monitor the remaining battery life with the icon on the display, and change the refresh rate the meet the needs of your process.


Add the optional Transmitter and Switch to your DSP unit to gain additional functionality, including a loop powered 12 - 24V DC powered Pressure Transmitter with analog 4-20 mA or 0-5 V output. Pressure Switch is 12 - 24V DC loop powered and has a consistent Open Relay, with the option to trigger the switch at Low and High Alarm points. Program two pressure points to switch from ON to OFF; works with polarized, safety, solid-state, and time delay relays.  Advanced visual alarms are fully adjustable: High alarms have Red Backlight and screen icon, while Low alarms have Blue Backlight and screen icon. Normal readings have a Green Backlight.

Advanced capability allows this gauge to run multiple functions simultaneously, with data flowing to the display, transmitter, switch, and alarms at the same time.  Continuous self-checking technology consistently verifies the accuracy of nine critical factors for the electronics and the sensor. This also indicates any out-of-tolerance conditions, ensuring the accuracy and ability to punction properly during processing are not compromised.

Additionally, choose between Fixed and All-Angle mounting type. Unique All-Angle mount option allows for installation in almost any location, adjustable for the best viewing angle.

Available with 3 Point or 9 Point NIST Traceable Certificate of Conformance.  9 Point NIST Traceable Certificate of Conformance provides 0.1% accuracy at 0° to 50°C.

Manufactured in our Asheville, NC, USA facility.


Range / Scale

-15 to 15,000 PSI, depending on Pressure Type


0.1% of Full Scale

Pressure Types


Pressure Units (Selectable)

inches of water
millimeters of water
inches of Mercury
millimeters of Mercury

Primary Meter Display

0.9 inch 5-digit LCD Display of Real-Time Pressure, Readable up to 30 ft. away

Secondary Meter Display

0.4 inch 5-digit for Secondary Pressure: MAX / MIN / AVG / Delta / Temperature

Display Update Rates (Selectable)

1 second (Standard)
2 seconds
5 seconds

Menu Bar

Icon Menu Settings

Advanced Visual Alarms

High (Red), Low (Blue), Normal (Green). Fully Adjustable.

Ambient Operating Environment

-18° to 65°C (0° to 150°F)

Storage Temperature

-40° to 82°C (-40° to 180°F)

Relative Humidity

5% to 100% RH non-condensing

Optional Pressure Transmitter: Accuracy

0.1% plus 0.005% Span

Optional Pressure Transmitter: Analog Output

4 to 20mA
0 to 5V

Optional Pressure Transmitter: Digital Output

RS485 with Wahl Protocol can be integrated with existing customer software for Transmitter & Switch option only.

Optional Pressure Switch

Switch at High and Low Alarm
Two programmable pressure points for ON/OFF switch

Optional Pressure Switch: Accuracy

0.1% plus 0.1% Span

Optional Pressure Switch: Relays

Consistent Open Relay, Overload Protection Relay, Polarized Relay, Safety Relays Solid- State Relay, Time Delay Relay

Optional Pressure Switch: Voltage

24 VDC

Battery Power Option

1 - C size, Lithium Thionyl Chloride, 3.6 V, 8.5 Ah Capacity
P/N: DSA3062

Ultra-Low Battery Power Consumption

User-Selectable Low Refresh Rate Operation for Long Battery Life
4 years with 1 second refresh rate, (default)

External Power Option

Customer supplied 12 - 24 VDC loop power. (Includes "C" Battery for display backup).
Required, and only available for switch & transmitter option.

Enclosure Material

Stainless Steel

H Frame & Window Material


EMI Interference

Designed for Maximum EMI and RFI Protection

IP Rating

IP 68

NEMA Rating


Enclosure Dimensions

5.3 inches wide x 4.3 inches high x 2.7 inches deep
(135 mm x 109 mm x 69 mm)


2 pounds
(1 kg)

Touch Pad Icon Menu

Four key touch pad operation allows user to access Menu and change:
Pressure Units
Update Rate
Time (Y / M / D and H / M / S)
Max / Min / Avg / Delta T / Temperature
High / Low Alarm
Analog Output
System Info
Percentage of Pressure Range Indicator
Battery Status Icon


Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship


Three Point NIST, Nine Point NIST & Standard Calibration available