Industrial RTD Probes


Palmer Wahl offers an assortment of RTD sensors, sensor assemblies, and components to construct the temperature sensor appropriate for your application.  We offer the below standard configurations for simple probe designs, but we can also specially design a sensor or sensor assembly  to meet the needs of your application.

Choose from thin film or wire wound 100Ω RTD sensors in class A or class B, with 2, 3, or 4 wire configuration.

Add a connection head and terminal block or transmitter to create a complete sensor assembly.

If you're interested in an RTD sensor you don't see here - please contact us

SeriesOperating Temperature RangeMaterialAvailable Configurations
WR1-50°F to 400°F (-45°C to 204°C)304SSStandard Nipple

Lagging Extension
WR1 or WT1 Standard Series

WR2-50°F to 400°F (-45°C to 204°C)316SSStandard Nipple

Lagging Extension
WR2 Lagging Extension Probe

Lagging Extension version shown

WR3 Compression Fitting Probe-50°F to 400°F (-45°C to 204°C)304SSStandard Nipple

Lagging Extension

WR4 Spring Loaded-50°F to 400°F (-45°C to 204°C)304SSStandard Nipple
WR4 Spring Loaded StyleWR4 - Spring Loaded Style
WR5 Sanitary -50°F to 400°F (-45°C to 204°C)316SS 3A Standard 74-03 certification for all process contact surfaces1.5 inch, 2 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3 inch flange configurationsWR5 Sanitary Style ProbeWR5 Sanitary Style