TCMR-K Series Heat Prober Hand Held Type K Thermocouple Meters, °F and °C, Switchable


Handheld thermocouple type K meter is switchable between Fahrenheit (-100° to 2500°F) and Celsius (-70° to 1370°C). This model accepts all type K thermocouple probes with ANSI mini-connectors.

The pocket sized TCMR-K series models use a microprocessor to update temperature readings 3 times per second with an accuracy of ±0.2% of reading ±1 digit with 1° resolution.  The precision cold junction is compensated using a unique, permanently calibrated circuit.

Units are calibrated with simulated EMF inputs and powered during a high temperature burn-in cycle.  Choose from models with LED or LCD screens, and will rechargeable NiCad or standard alkaline battery.  All NiCad models come with a battery recharger.



TCMR-K: LED Screen, NiCad Battery, °F/°C Switchable
TCMR-KX: LCD Screen, NiCad Battery, °F
TCMR-KVX: LCD Screen, 9V Alkaline Battery, °F

Temperature Range

-100 to 2500°F
-70 to 1370°C

Meter Accuracy

±0.2% of reading ±1 digit

FM Approved



TCMR-K: 0.33 inch high visibility LED
TCMR-KX and TCMR-KVX: 0.5 inch high red LCD

Peak Temperature Hold

Microcomputer calculated, switch to “P” to activate


Three years

NIST Available


Probe Connector

Type K Thermocouple ANSI mini-connector

Works With

Type K Thermocouple Probes

Ambient Operating Range

TCMR-K and TCMR-KX; -20°/120°F (-29°/49°C)
TMCR-KVX: 0°/120°F (-18°/49°C)


TCMR-K and TCMR-KX: 6.25 V NiCad Battery, PN: 11681-1
TCMR-KVX: Standard 9V Alkaline Battery

*Add E to part number to specift a European plug adapter if unit is used in Europe

Battery Life

TCMR-K: Approximately 8 hours
TCMR-KX and TCMR-KVX: Approximately 50 hours

Low Battery Indicator



W: 3 inches x L: 6 inches x D: 1.5 inches
W: 7.5 cm x L: 15 cm x D: 3.75cm


All Models: 10.5 ounces (298 grams)


LED Screen models: 0.33 inches with bright red LED
LCD Models: 0.5 inches with red digits