TS Series Solid Front Process Gauge with Blow-Out Back

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Designed for maximum safety of personnel monitoring gauges.  Case backs are designed to "Blow-Out" to reduce the pressure inside the case; in the event of a failure, fluid or particles will blow out of the back of the case to release pressure.

Constructed with a solid barrier between the sensing element and the dial front and welded to the socket for maximum strength.



Case Size

4.5 inches (125 mm)

Case Material

Phenolic, Fiberglass Reinforced




Laminated Safety Glass standard
Tempered Glass optional


AISI 316 Stainless Steel, TIG welded to the elastic element using 316 Stainless Steel


1/2 inch NPT threads, SS restrictor optional.
Ranges of 30,000 PSI and above require an autoclave fitting.


Wet Gauges: ± 1.0%
Dry Gauges: ± 0.5%
±1.6% for 50,000 PSI and 60,000 PSI ranges

Bourdon Tube

AISI 316 Stainless Steel.
C-tube configuration for ranges below 1,000 PSI.
Spiral bourdon tube configuration for higher ranges.


Stainless Steel


Black aluminum, micrometer adjustable


White aluminum with black markings in accordance with ASME B40.1 -2005

Scales Available

Dual Scale

Ambient Temperature Limits

Dry: -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)
Glycerin Filled: 60° to 150°F (15° to 65°C)
Silicone Filled: -50° to 150°F (-45° to 65°C)

Process Temperature Limits

-40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C).
100°C Max.

Overpressure Limits

30% for ranges up to 870 PSI (60 Bar, as a percent of full scale value)
25% for ranges from 870 to 1,400 PSI (100 Bar, as a percent of full scale value)
15% for ranges above 1,400 PSI (100 Bar, as a percent of full scale value)

Overpressures up to 130% of range will not damage the movement.

Available PSI Ranges

15 PSI
30 PSI
60 PSI
100 PSI
160 PSI
200 PSI
300 PSI
400 PSI
500 PSI
600 PSI
800 PSI
1,000 PSI
1,500 PSI
2,000 PSI
2,500 PSI
3,000 PSI
4,000 PSI
5,000 PSI
6,000 PSI
10,000 PSI
15,000 PSI
20,000 PSI
30,000 PSI (must specify autoclave fitting)
40,000 PSI (must specify autoclave fitting)
50,000 PSI (must specify autoclave fitting)
60,000 PSI (must specify autoclave fitting)

Available Vacuum Ranges

-30 inches of HG to 0 PSI

Available Compound Ranges

0 PSI (-30 inches of HG) to 15 PSI
0 PSI (-30 inches of HG) to 30 PSI
0 PSI (-30 inches of HG) to 60 PSI
0 PSI (-30 inches of HG) to 100 PSI
0 PSI (-30 inches of HG) to 150 PSI
0 PSI (-30 inches of HG) to 300 PSI

Available Mounting Styles

Stem Mount, Lower Connected


Wet (Glycerin fill standard)

Ingress Protection



Dry: 1 Year Warranty for defects in materials or workmanship
Wet: 2 Year Warranty for defects in materials or workmanship


Autoclave fitting available.

NIST Available?



Note: Instruments for Oxygen - Glycerin or Silicone should not be used with highly oxidizing agents such as oxygen, chlorine, nitric acid or hydrogen peroxide because of danger of spontaneous chemical reaction, inflammability or explosion. The use of fluorinated fluid is recommended in these cases