Sanitary Flanges

Sanitary Flanges are installed for use on a piece of pipe, using a Tri-Clamp hygenic fitting connection to make cleaning quick and easy.

A 1.5 inch Tri-Clamp Fitting shown on a DST600 Probe

The most important part of choosing a Sanitary Flange and Tri-Clamp fitting for your installation is selecting the correct size Sanitary Flange for your application.

Remember, the size of the flange is determined by the outside diameter of the pipe the fitting will be installed in, not the outside diameter of the flange. 

The flange will be larger than the tubing by about 1/2 inch.  Reference the below table of sanitary flange specification to compare the pipe outside diameter dimension to the flange outside diameter dimension and flange thickness.

Flange Size
(Outside Diameter of the Pipe the Flange will be installed in)
Flange Outside Diameter DimensionFlange Thickness
0.5 inch0.98 inch0.19 inch
0.75 inch0.98 inch0.19 inch
1.0 inch1.98 inches0.25 inch
1.5 inch1.98 inches0.25 inch
2.0 inch2.50 inches0.25 inch
2.5 inch3.04 inches0.25 inch
3.0 inch3.57 inches0.25 inch