Why Choose Palmer Wahl?

Reasons to Choose Palmer Wahl Instruments, Inc.

Who We Are

We are your single best source for a wide variety of temperature, pressure, humidity, test and calibration instruments, offering many years of experience and leadership in manufacturing quality instruments. We have developed many unique features and patents which have been incorporated into our product line over the years bringing you an extensive line of process measurement, test and calibration instrumentation.

Our Reputation

Since 1836 we have carried on a tradition of over 187 years of continued innovation. Palmer was the first thermometer company in the United States, and invented the “Red Reading” Mercury Thermometer. Wahl developed the first portable digital platinum-RTD thermometer system and the first miniature temperature recording label.

The Palmer Wahl Advantage

Because we are manufacturers, we control the quality and configuration of our instruments. We provide instruments with customer specified configurations and required calibration. We maintain manufacturing and quality assurance systems to ensure every component is assembled and figured properly. The result: Quality instruments ready to use upon receipt, with “Total Customer Satisfaction”.

Traceability to National Standards

We design and manufacture our instruments to the most stringent quality standards. Some of which include: Military Inspection Requirement MIL-I-45208A and Calibration Requirement MIL-STD-45662A. Where required, instruments are thoroughly tested with customer requested configuration and/or calibration, traceable to NIST. We provide many of our instruments with both certificates of traceability, and test records which prove accuracy compliance. We provide certified, traceable calibration data which meets ISO 9000:2015, FAA, and FDA quality standards.

Engineering Quality that Makes Sense

Built-In Quality is easily visible in every Palmer Wahl product. For example, machined, cast, or molded cases have a solid feel in the hand. Graduated scales, printed dials, or digital read-outs give crisp, highly visible readings. All switches, keypads, and machined surfaces have that “finished touch”, demonstrating our superior product design. Our ergonomic, easy to use and read designs make our products functional in the field.

Custom Engineering

If you have a unique requirement for temperature or pressure sensors, our engineers can custom design and build them for you. We've produced more than 2,000 custom designs; even designs for a number of Fortune 500 companies.  We can offer assistance with product design to meet the specifications and demanding requirements of your process. Sensor and thermowell applications that demand rapid response times, feature high pressure ratings, or have vibration concerns are just a few of the issues that can be addressed with our custom made engineered temperature solutions. Read More

Contract Manufacturing

Palmer Wahl has a complete machine shop to complement our engineering expertise. We can manufacture older product lines that
still have plenty of upside potential. Utilize our space and labor, or reassign the labor to another area. We may have the appropriate expertise and equipment needed to do the job for your organization.

Design and Build

Do you need a new product or a redesign of an older product? We can take drawings and specs to develop the needed product, even manufacturing the complete design.

Private Labeling

Many of our products are available for Private Labeling. Many of our customers have taken advantage of this service for products that complement their line. Contact us to discuss your project. Discussions can be covered by an NDA if desired.

Affordable Value and Service

We offer a large selection of instruments to suit every budget. Our repair and re-calibration services carry the same high priority as any new instrument. Our Customer Service is dedicated and experienced, and can provide you with technical information, or help with technical problems.


Great customer service! Not many companies really know what that means. Good communication every step of the way!

- E. C.

“I am very happy for Wahl’s quality and big digital numbers, we can see temperature from distance. Thank you for your quick quote response. I am sure happy the existing Wahl thermometer has lasted for more than 6 years and is still working very well."

- W. G.

My expectations were exceeded with the feedback and I received by the Palmer Wahl team and their ability to fulfill my request for expedited processing and shipping. Thank you!!!

- D. R.

We contacted Palmer during the shut down in need of emergency parts. They went out of their way to speak to others in the plant in order to get us the items that we needed. So together with others that helped out, we were able to get our parts shipped out the same day and to our customer the next day. We are in Canada as well, so it was an international expedited order. Great customer service!!!!

- S. S.