Choosing the correct Digi-Stem® Meter for your application

Need help choosing the correct Digi-Stem® Meter for your application? Digi-Stem® Digital Temperature Meters are available with different measuring technologies and configurations to meet the needs of your application. Models are available in Thermocouple and RTD varities, with or without transmitters. Specialty models are available for Intrinsically Safe applications, and where Max-Min temperature recording is desired. The DST600 line is geared towards critical applications, including low acid canned food processing in accordance the FDA rules.

The DST400 Series uses Thermocouple type probes, useful for higher temperature applications and instances with the probe needs to be rugged to withstand the process.

The DST500 Series uses RTD probes for a higher accuracy over a more narrow temperature span.  The DST500 is available in standard, Intrinsically Safe models, Min-Max configurations, and Transmitter equipped versions.

The DST600 Series uses RTD probes, but includes extra features like Probe ID and Self-Checking technology specific to critical applications, like Food Processing in retorts. Some specialty DST600 models include two entirely separate sensors in a single temperature probe to provide output data while still meeting FDA requirements for a reference thermometer.Choose the correct Digi-Stem® Meter for your application with our Side-by-Side comparison guide

Compare all of our Digi-Stem® Temperature Meters side-by-side using our Digi-Stem® Meter Selection Guide.  If you need assistance in choosing the correct Digi-Stem®, please Contact Us.