Our NEW Digi-Stem® Advanced Digital Process Pressure Gauge

Our new DSP Digi-Stem® Digital Pressure Gauge is an Advanced Digital Pressure Gauge for use in industrial processes. An extension of our perenially popular Digi-Stem® Process Thermometers utilizing the same rugged and durable housing, the DSP offers precision and durability in pressure measurement.

DSP Digi-Stem Advanced Digital Pressure Gauge with All-Angle mounting

Key Features of the DSP Advanced Digital Pressure Gauge:

  1. Accuracy and Precision: The new Wahl DSP digital pressure gauge provides Precise, Accurate, and Reliable measurements to 0.1% Full Scale.
  2. Display: The DSP has 0.9 inch high digits on the primary LCD display for clear and easy reading from 30 feet away. Choose Bottom connected or our Evolutionary optional All Angle version that allows you to adjust the display to the best reading angle for convenient, quick, and easy readings. Display MAX, MIN, AVG, or Delta readings on the secondary 0.4 inch high display.
  3. Battery Life: Battery life of up to 4 years. Great for continuous use or in remote locations – just set it and forget it. DC Power Supply 12-24 VDC for Switch/Transmitter option.
  4. Durability: The DSP uses the familiar Digi-Stem® Thermometer case. The upgraded IP68, (NEMA 6P) Stainless Steel housing can withstand harsh environments – even water submersion. EMI and RFI protection included to prevent malfunction of the display.
  5. Connectivity: Wahl Protocol integrates with End User’s software. Add the optional built in switch and transmitter for additional functionality. Multiple functions can operate simultaneously including display, transmit, switch, and alarms. User selectable 4-20mA or 0 to 5 VDC.
  6. Additional Features: Continuous self-checking assures the DSP is operating properly. If not, the DSP will indicate an out of tolerance condition. The screen includes complete icon style menu with touch pad interface.

Available in relative, absolute, compound, vacuum, and barometric pressure ranges, up to 15,000 PSI.  Choose from the 11 available scales using the touch pad interface. Designed and manufactured in our Asheville, NC factory.