RTD Fine Tip Penetration Handheld Probe


This fine tip penetration probe is designed for use with food or other soft substances. Thin wall stainless steel shank is 0.084 inches in diameter, with 1 inch long tip at the end of a 2-3/4 inch overall length shank.  High quality heat resistant Delrin handle.

Utilizes platinum RTD for long term stability and repeatability and use as a primary standard.

Available with connectors to work with our TM, TMA, 392, and 392HP series meters.



Fine Tip Penetration Probe

Shank Length

2.75 inches

Shank Diameter

.084 inch

Shank Material

Stainless Steel


Platinum RTD

Available Models

TM: M8x1, 4-pin connector (for use with TM612 or TM630)
TMA: Lemo 4-pin connector (for use with TM612A or TM630A)
392AHP: 4-Pin Din connector - Female (for use with 392HP & 392AHP Series)
392A Series: 3-conductor, 0.176 inch “bantam” phone plug, copper alloy (for use with 392A Series)



Handle Material


For Use With

Foods and other soft substances

Temperature Limit


Response Time

3 seconds in boiling water