392A Series Heat Prober Hand Held Platinum RTD Meter


392A Series precision systems offer wide temperature range and meter options.  392A Series meters are microprocessor driven, making up the core of a complete, portable hand held temperature measurement system.  Use this meter with one of our interchangeable hand held RTD probes to have laboratory accuracy anywhere in the plant, laboratory, or field.  A 392A series meter & probe system is ideal for use as an in-house calibration standard for less accurate thermometers, or to calibrate inside thermowells.

Models are available with rechargeable NiCad Battery Pack or a 9 volt alkaline battery.  Choose between a red LED display or red LCD display depending on your lighting conditions.  Meter includes battery pack, recharger (if appropriate), and wrist strap.

This versatile hand held meter is for use with any of our interchangeable handheld RTD Probes with a 3-conductor, .176" “bantam” phone plug.




392AMF: Fahrenheit Range, NiCad Battery Pack, LED Screen
329AMC: Celsius Range, NiCad Battery Pack, LED Screen
392AMD: Dual Scale Range, NiCad Battery Pack, LED Screen

392AMXF: Fahrenheit Range, NiCad Battery Pack, LCD Screen
329AMXC: Celsius Range, NiCad Battery Pack, LCD Screen
392AMXD: Dual Scale Range, NiCad Battery Pack, LCD Screen

392AVXF: Fahrenheit Range, 9V Alkaline Battery, LCD Screen
329AVXC: Celsius Range, 9V Alkaline Battery, LCD Screen
392AVXD: Dual Scale Range, 9V Alkaline Battery, LCD Screen

Temperature Range

Fahrenheit Range: -60° to 752°F
Celsius Range: -51° to 400°C
Dual Scale Meter Range: -60° to 752°F (-51° to 400°C)

Meter Accuracy at 77°F

±0.1°F/°C ± 1 digit

System Accuracy

Greater of ±0.3°F or ±0.5% reading thereafter (when measured with 392A Meter & 202 Immersion Probe)

FM Approved



LED Models: 0.33 inch high visibility LED
LCD Models: 0.4 inch high red LCD

Peak Temperature Hold

Microcomputer calculated, switch to “P” to activate


Meter, Recharger (if applicable), and wrist strap


Three years

NIST Available


Probe Connector

3-conductor, 0.176 inch “bantam” phone plug, copper alloy

Works With

Handheld RTD Probes
CAL392 Series Five Point NIST Traceable RTD Calibrators



Ambient Operating Range

0° to 130°F (-18° to +55°C)

Temperature Coefficient

0.01 deg/deg over ambient range


M Models: 6.25 V NiCad Battery, PN: 11681-1
V Models: Standard 9V Alkaline Battery

Battery Life

M Models: Approximately 8 hours per charge
V Models: Approximately 8 hours

Low Battery Indicator


Noise Rejection

Greater than 40 dB at 60 Hz increasing at 20 dB per decade. Spurious noise attenuated by internal 16 Hz filter.


W: 3 inches x L: 6 inches x D: 1.5 inches
W: 7.5 cm x L: 15 cm x D: 3.75cm


M Models: 12 ounces (340 grams)
V Models: 7 ounces (198 grams)


LED Screen models: 0.33 inches with bright red LED
LCD Models: 0.4 inches with red digits