Narrow Case Industrial Thermometers, 7AA Series


Space saving narrow case industrial thermometer offers quality and economy together. Case is 6-1/2 inches long and 1-11/32 inches wide. All angle adjustable case requires adjustment of just two screws to permit case adjustment of 180° for positioning to the appropriate viewing angle.  This model comes with a brass thermowell.

Case, scale, and bulb are made of aluminum. Filled with our environmentally friendly "Sky Blue" mercury-free liquid.  Glass tube has magnification lens for easy reading. Unit includes 1/2 inch NPT brass thermowell with 0.531 inch diameter.  Accuracy is 1% of full scale.

This model replaces the 6AA and 6000 Series. View our comparison of the 6AA & 7AA models.

Mercury Free Option


Case Length

6-1/2 inches

Case Width

1-11/32 inches

Case Material

Blue Painted Aluminum

Case Style

All angle adjustable


Plastic crystal and cover

Glass Tube

Magnified Lens is compact yet visible


Black numerals and graduations on aluminum scale


Sky Blue Fill


1% of Full Scale


Blue painted aluminum knuckle

Stem Material

Aluminum, Straight Shank, 3/8 inch Diameter

Stem Length

2-1/4 inches


1/2 inch NPT Brass Thermowell with 0.531 inch diameter included

Standard Temperature Range