Replacement Multi-Speed Battery Operated Chart Drive, PC-11


Designed for outdoor use. Palmer's hermetically sealed multi-speed battery operated chart drives operate reliably even in wet and dirty environments. Freezer tested to -40°F, these drives will withstand extreme temperatures. The highly adaptable design will fit any chart recorder, and makes exchange in the field a snap.

The speed dial on the front of the case allows field selectable recording intervals.  A pulsating LED indicator behind the dial shows that the battery is charged and that the unit is operating.  Available with 5/8 inch long drive shaft or 1.25 inch long drive shaft.

No Axial or Angular Backlash means charts don't shift.  Closed construction case protects all moving parts.  Separate battery compartment prevents the drive from corrosion damage.

UL Listed: Class I, Groups C and D; CUL Listed.



60 minutes
96 minutes
12 Hours
1 Day
2 Days
7 Days
8 Days
14 Days
16 Days
31 Days
32 Days

Drive Shaft Length