Thermocouple 45° Spring Articulated Surface Probe

The TC869 Probe is a type K thermocouple probe designed to measure surface temperatures.  This probe works with Wahl handheld infrared units that accept thermocouple input, the DHS125XEL and the DHS215XEL.


The Wahl TC869 Probe uses a type K thermocouple sensor, and is especially designed to measure surface temperatures.   Measures up to 1000°F.  Probe has 1/8 inch diameter and 8 inch long shank.  0.250 inch tip diameter.  Spring articulation keeps measuring tip firmly against surface for an accurate reading.  Response time is four seconds.

Can be used with DHS125XEL and DHS215XEL


Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 15.5 in
Sensor Type

Type K Thermocouple


Type K ANSI Mini-Connector


8 inches

Response Time

Four seconds

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