Portable Calibration Liquid Baths, Advanced Controller


The CLB31 & CLB51 are portable liquid calibration baths offering high performance in a portable package for the most demanding, accurate on-site temperature calibration.  The CLB31 is designed for lower temperatures -31° to 329°F (-35˚ to 165˚C)*, while the CLB51 temperature range is 86° to 437°F (30˚ to 225˚C).

Both units feature a 4.3 inch touch screen PID controller for easy access to numerous functions.  Adjustable magnetic stirrer is controlled by a front panel potentiometer for easy speed control.  Good circulation within the calibration well achieves high performance, stability, and uniformity.

Choose between European or North American Power Cord.

Attached handle and screw top lid for calibration tank make carrying easy and spill free.

All models include stainless steel transport cover, sensor backer, teflon magnetic stirrer capsule, liquid removal syringe, drain pump, power cord

*Minimum Temperature is 55˚C / 131°F below Ambient, Absolute Minimum -35˚C / -31°F.



CLB31: Low Temperature Liquid Bath, User Selectable Scale
CLB51: High Temperature Liquid Bath, User Selectable Scale.

Temperature Range

CLB31:-31° to 329°F (-35˚ to 165˚C). Minimum temperature of 131°F (55°C) below ambient.
CLB51: 30˚ to 225˚C / 86° to 437°F

Control Sensor

External / Internal Pt100 (3/4 wires) Switch

Temperature Stability

± 0.02°F / ± 0.01˚C

Temperature Uniformity

± 0.09°F / ± 0.05˚C

Screen Resolution

0.1˚C / 0.01°C / 0.001°C / °F


± 0.18˚F / ± 0.1˚C

Heating Time

CLB31: 23˚ to 212˚F: 25 min. (-5˚ to 100˚C: 25 min.)
CLB51: 77˚ to 428˚F: 42 min. (25˚ to 220˚C: 42 min.)

Cooling Time

CLB31: 77˚ to -13˚F: 45 min. (25˚ to -25˚C: 45 min.)
CLB51: 428˚ to 212˚F: 35 min. (220˚ to 100˚C: 35 min.)

Immersion Depth

7.48 inches (190 mm)

Well Diameter

2.36 inches (60 mm)

Well Capacity

0.7 liters

Housing and Assembly


Tank Dimensions

2.36 inch diameter.
7.48 inch depth.

Unit Dimensions

11.02 inches x 14.56 inches x 17.32 inches (280mm x 370mm x 440mm), with handle.


CLB31: 33.51 pounds (15.2 kg)
CLB51: 25.13 pounds (11.4 kg)

Power Supply

100 to 234 Vac, 50 to 60 Hz

Power Cord

North American

Power Consumption

CLB31: 310 W Max
CLB51: 320 W Max


Three years, covering defects in materials and workmanship.