Custom Designed Heat Prober® Probe


Do you have challenges measuring temperature in your application? Perhaps your material is tough, thick, or frozen, causing damage or destruction to your current probes.  Maybe your current probe isn't long enough to reach the ideal temperature measurement location, or would be more comfortable to use with a different style handle. When a standard probe is not the ideal solution for your application, we can still help.

Palmer Wahl offers custom design services for our Heat Prober® Handheld Thermocouple and RTD Probes.  Consult with our engineers about your issue for assistance in determining and designing the ideal probe configuration for your application.  We've modified existing probes and designed new probes right from the drawing board, with thousands of custom designs.

No matter what sensor type or connector you need, we can assist.

Contact Us with the details of your application or any issues you're having with your current probes, and we'll see how we can help!