Digi-Stem® DST500-FM Series RTD Probes

Digi-Stem Meters & Probes are sold separately and paired together to create a complete custom system. This listing is for the probe only.

Please review our Order Guide and choose the stem length, fitting, and other specifications needed to build and quote a complete probe.


Digi-Stem® meters and probes are sold separately for a completely customizable system.  Pair your Digi-Stem® DST500-FM Series Meter with a straight or angled rigid probe to meet the requirements of your installation.

To build your probe, refer to our probe configuration matrix.  Choose one option from each section to build a standard probe configuration.

Don't see what you need?  We build custom designed probes to meet the requirements of special applications.  Contact us for more information.


RTD Sensor

4-wire RTD, R0 = 100Ω, Alpha = .00385 Ω/Ω/°C

Process Connection

1/2 inch NPT Fitting
3/4 inch NPT Fitting
1-1/4 inch x 18 NEF2 Swivel Nut Fitting
1/2 inch NPSM Swivel Nut Fitting
Unthreaded Transition Fitting

Mounting Style

Rigid (Bottom Connected) Only

Probe Stem Type

Welded, Spring Loaded for 1/2 inch NPT and 3/4 inch NPT process connections and 1/4 inch stem diameter only

Probe Stem Material / Construction

316 SS / 400°C / Ni / Thin Film
316 SS / 400°C / Cu / Thin Film
Inconel 600 / 400°C / Ni / Thin Film
Inconel 600 / 400°C / Cu / Thin Film
316 SS / 600°C / Ni / Wire Wound
Inconel 600 / 600°C / Ni / Wire Wound
316 SS / 800°C / Ni / Wire Wound
Inconel 600 / 800°C / Ni / Wire Wound

Probe Stem Diameter

1/4 inch, 3/8 inch (with crimp on 2” Length heat transfer block), 1/2 inch (with crimp on 2” Length heat transfer block)

Probe Stem Length

Up to 3,150 inches in length, in 1/4 inch increments

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