R60 Series Fiber Optic Fixed Infrared Sensor

The R60 Series of Fixed Infrared Sensors use Fiber Optics for processes that are subject to electromagnetic interference and harsh environments.  R60 models can withstand harsh environments with high ambient temperatures of up to 200°C without cooling while still maintaining accuracy.  Available spectral ranges of 1.0μm and 1.6μm, with temperature ranges up to 5432°F (3000°C).

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Each R60 Fixed Infrared Thermometer consists of three separate parts:

A single lens optical head to collect the IR radiation - works up to 200°C without cooling system.
Flexible Fiber Optic coated steel cable that transmits the IR radiation up to 100 meters from the optical head to the electronic module.
A microprocessor electronic module to convert the IR radiation in electric signal and temperature reading.
A laser is installed into the electronic module, with the spot projected by the optical head for target alignment.  Operate the laser remotely or with the user interface.

Integrated keypad and backlit 5 digit LCD display to view and set measuring parameters and signal processing features. Twelve pin connection cable for simultaneous analog and digital input and output. Options include:

0 to 20 or 4 to 20 milliamp Linear Current Loop, sub-range programmable, user selectable.
RS485 for networking up to 32 sensors.
Relay for alarm and PLC control, user programmable.
External Input for reset and parameter adjusting of AVG, PEAK HOLD and VALLEY HOLD.
Communicate via the RS485 connection for programming for OEM applications, and for remote setup and monitoring.  Available accessories include:

One axis surface mount bracket
Two axis surface mount bracket
Wall mount flange
Optional non-contact Thermocouple Type IR tube with extremely long life is available as an alternative to traditional contact thermocouples
Air Purge
Protection Windows
Air/Water Cooling Jacket
Power Supply

Please contact us for assistance in selecting the correct model




Sensor Type


Spectral Range & Temperature Range

1.0μm - 752° to 3272°F (400° to 1800°C) 1.0μm - 1112° to 3272°F (600° to 1800°C) 1.0μm - 1112° to 5432°F (600° to 3000°C) 1.6μm - 572° to 2552°F (300° to 1400°C) 1.6μm - 752° to 2912°F (400° to 1600°C) 1.6μm - 752° to 4172°F (400° to 2300°C)

Focal Point, Optics Distance to Spot Ratio

2mm @ 75mm, 37.5:1 4mm @ 150mm, 37.5:1 8mm @ 300mm, 37.5:1 3mm @ 500mm, 83:1 12mm @ 900mm, 75:1

Fiber Optic Cable Length

1 meter (3.28 ft), Standard 3 meters, (9.84 ft) 5 meters, (16.40 ft) 8 meters, (26.24 ft) 15 meters, (49.21 ft) Customer specified length (100 Meters / 300 ft Max.)

Connection Cable Length

3.28 ft (1 meter) 9.84 ft (3 meters) 16.40 ft (5 meters) 26.24 ft (8 meters) 49.21 ft (15 meters) Customer specified Length (100 Meters / 300 ft Max.)


Two Year Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship


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