Replacement Pre-Calibrated Temperature Elements


Replace the pressure system in your existing Palmer temperature recorder for repairs, or to change the range of your unit.  These all 316 Stainless Steel helical coils are available in ranges from -30°F to 1000°F.  Systems are pre-calibrated and ready for installation.  Standard fitting is 1/4” NPT Female Connection.  Optional autoclave fitting on 10,000 PSI and 600 Bar elements (requires user supplied tubing).

If your desired range is not shown in the options, please Contact Us and let us know what you need.

Please specify:

Mercury Capillary Type: 304 SS Flex Armored Capillary, 1/4" diameter or 304SS Bendable Stiff Armor, 3/16" diameter

Hydrocarbon Capillary Type: 316SS Flex Armored Capillary, 1/4" diameter

Non-Toxic Capillary Type: 304 SS Flex Armored Capillary, 1/4" diameter

Capillary Length: 5 feet standard.

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Mercury is restricted for sale in some countries and US states.  Learn More

Mercury Free Option


Fill Liquid

Non-Toxic Fill
Hydrocarbon Fill

Temperature Range

-30° to 120°F
0° to 100°F
0° to 120°F
0° to 150°F
0° to 200°F
0° to 250°F
0° to 300°F
0° to 400°F
0° to 500°F
0° to 600°F
0° to 800°F
0° to 1000°F
0° to 60°C
0° to 100°C
0° to 120°C
0° to 150°C
0° to 200°C
0° to 250°C
0° to 300°C
0° to 350°C
0° to 400°C
0° to 500°C
0° to 600°C

Bulb Styles Available

45-5: Plain Bulb
45-11: Bendable Stiff Armor between Plain Bulb and Flexible Armor
45-29: Plain Air Temperature Bulb with Rings for Suspending in Air Stream
45-12: Bendable Stiff Armor between Plain Bulb and Swivel Nut
45-30: Air Temperature Bulb for Union Connection
45-13: Bulb for Well or Union Connection
45-14: Bulb for use in Thermowell of Varied Lengths

Hydrocarbon filled:
46-5: Designed for air temperature, tanks, or bins. Minimum bulb length of 6 inches.
46-14: Bulb for use in thermowell or union hub. Minimum bulb length of 8 inches.