S-Products Head Mounted Transmitters


Palmer Wahl distributes S-Products items in the United States.  These models are intended for mounting inside a sensor connection head. Choose between Thermocouple and RTD models.  Specialty programmable confgurations with Hart Protocol or ATEX rating are available. Contact us for more detail or to purchase.

DescriptionAccuracySpec Sheet
ALM43-RFor 3 wire RTDs only. Limited Zero, Span.0.2% of Span or 0.2°CALM43-R Spec Sheet
ALM42-TJFor Thermocouple Type J only. Limited Zero, Span.0.2% of Span or 0.2°CALM42-TJ Spec Sheet
ALM42-TKFor Thermocouple Type K only. Limited Zero, Span.0.2% of Span or 0.2°CALM42-TK
Mp82710ProgrammableTypical 0.1% SpanMp82710 Spec Sheet
Mp82710-EXProgrammable, ATEX.Typical 0.1% SpanMp82710-EX Spec Sheet
Mp82710-HProgrammable, HartTypical 0.1% SpanMp82710-H
Mp82710-H-EXProgrammable, Hart, ATEXTypical 0.1% SpanMp82710-H-Ex Spec Sheet
Mp82810RTD or Thermocouple, Programmable.0.1% SpanMp82810 Spec Sheet
Mp82830-TFor Thermocouple Types J, K, T, E, N. Programmable.0.2% SpanMp82830-T Spec Sheet
Mp82830-RFor 3 wire RTDs. Programmable0.2% SpanMp82830-R Spec Sheet
R82000Pt100, # wire only0.1% SpanR82000 Spec Sheet
T82000Type K Thermocouple Only0.1% SpanT82000 Spec Sheet


Compatible Sensor Types

Thermocouple Type J
Thermocouple Type K
3 wire RTD


ATEX and/or Hart compatible models available.