Temp-Spy Low Cost Temperature Sensitive Labels

All plastic Temp-Spy labels have three temperature indication points. Excellent for high volume users.  NIST Traceability is not available for Temp-Spy series labels.

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Temp-Spy temperature sensitive labels have heat sensitive indicator "positions" that turn permanently black when the rated temperature is reached or exceeded, providing a permanent record.

All plastic self-adhesive labels are designed to meet the needs of high volume users who need a quality product at low cost.  Each temperature position is clearly printed with the rated temperature.  Labels are sold in bags of 20 labels.

Dimensions are .75 inch x 1.5 inches (19 x 38 mm).

*NIST Certification is NOT available for Temp Spy series labels.*

Built in Asheville, NC USA.

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Note that all Temp-Plate® labels containing a temperature position of lower than 110°F/43°C are considered low temperature and must be shipped with an ice pack via overnight service to prevent the labels from turning in transit.


Number of Temperature Positions





°C only

Temperature Ranges Available

Ranges available from 43°C-65°C labels to 232°C-254°C labels. Celsius only - not available in Fahrenheit.

Labels per Bag


Cover Material

All Plastic

NIST Available?