Micro Three Position Temp-Plate® Temperature Sensitive Labels

Micro Three position labels are our smallest Temp-Plate option.  3 millimeter by 8 millimeter labels will fit in even the tightest spaces.

Micro Three Position Temp-Plate labels are available to purchase online.


Temp-Plate® temperature sensitive labels have heat sensitive indicator "positions" that turn permanently black when the rated temperature is reached or exceeded, providing a permanent record.   This micro sized label is one of our smallest options and has three temperature indication points.

Useful for general purpose maintenance as well as specialized applications. Easy, self-adhesive installation on most surfaces. Careful selection of the temperature points allows for detection and recording of most overheat occurrences.  Each temperature position is clearly printed with the rated temperature.  Labels are sold in a recloseable box of 10 labels.

Dimensions are .13 inch x .30 inches (3 x 8 mm).

NIST Calibration data is available for this label.

Built in Asheville, NC USA.

Purchase Temp-Plate® labels online from our dedicated website.

Note that all Temp-Plate® labels containing a temperature position of lower than 110°F/43°C are considered low temperature and must be shipped with an ice pack via overnight service to prevent the labels from turning in transit.


Number of Temperature Positions



.13" x .30" (3 x 8mm)




Either °F or °C

Temperature Ranges Available

Ranges available include 180°F-200°F, 180°F-210°F, & 180°F-220°F in Fahrenheit, or from 43°C-200°C to 160°C-171°C in Celsius.

Labels per Box


Cover Material

Mylar (clear) for ranges 90/350°F (32/176°C). Kapton (amber) for ranges 350/500°F (176/260°C).


±1% NIST Traceable accuracy from 90°F to 500°F (32°C to 260°C)

NIST Available?