S-Products Transmitters for Rail or Wall Mounting

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Palmer Wahl distributes S-Products items in the United States.  These models are intended for rail or wall mounting. Contact us for more detail or to purchase.

AccuracySpecifications SheetUser Manual
Mp87700Mp87700Programmable, 4 wireTypical 0.1% SpanMp87700 Spec SheetMp87700 User Manual
Mp88710ProgrammableTypical 0.1% SpanMp88710 Spec SheetMp88710-H User Manual
Mp88710-EXProgrammable, ATEXTypical 0.1% SpanMp88710-Ex Spec SheetMp87710-EX User Manual
Mp88710-HProgrammable, HartTypical 0.1% SpanMp88710-H Spec SheetMp88710-H User Manual
R98000Wall Mount Air Temperature Unit, Built in RTD, 4-20 mA output0.1% SpanR98000 Spec Sheet