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Calibrating a Palmer Pressure Recorder

From time to time your Palmer Pressure Recorder may require calibration.  Watch this video for a hands-on demonstation on how to do it with our Product Supervisor, Kim Banks.

Instructions for Reuniting Separated Mercury Columns

This information is excerpted from NBS Monograph 90 Mercury separations commonly occur as a result of exposure to shock and rough handling during shipment.  This condition can generally be corrected by carefully following the procedure below, which was developed by the National Bureau of Standards, the predecessor of NIST: The National Institute of Standards and […]

How to Setup a Zero Point Ice Bath

The following information is an excerpt from "Reproducibility of the temperature of the ice point in routine measurements" published by the Commerce Department, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), 1995.  The complete document is available on their website. A properly prepared ice bath is one that consists of a cylindrical Dewar flask (a typical […]