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Thermocouples vs. RTDs

There are two basic types of electronic temperature sensors: thermocouples and resistance sensors (primarily RTDs and thermistors.) Thermocouples have much less mass in the sensor itself, and can be grounded - meaning the sensor actually touches the inside wall of its protective sheath, giving a much quicker transfer of heat energy - for a non-transmitting […]

Mercury Restrictions

Restrictions of Mercury Added Products A number of US states and foreign countries prohibit the use of mercury in their territories.  These include: California Connecticut Illinois Louisiana Maine Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota New Hampshire New York Ohio Rhode Island Vermont Washington Wisconsin Canada This list is subject to change without notice.  Make sure you know the […]

Sanitary Flanges

Sanitary Flanges are installed for use on a piece of pipe, using a Tri-Clamp hygenic fitting connection to make cleaning quick and easy. The most important part of choosing a Sanitary Flange and Tri-Clamp fitting for your installation is selecting the correct size Sanitary Flange for your application. Remember, the size of the flange is […]

Waste Management Solutions

Learn more about initiatives to reduce or eliminate Mercury from the waster stream Northeast Waste Management Officials Association - Interstate Mercury Education & Reduction Clearinghouse (IMERC)

Mercury Products, Batteries and Electronic Disposal

Palmer Wahl manufactures products that contain Mercury, Electronic components, and batteries.  Each of these have specific methods of safe disposal. Mercury Products, Batteries and Electronic Disposal Mercury Recycling (Redirects to Consumer Guide to Battery Recycling (Redirects to Electronics Donation and Recycling Guidance (Redirects to

USDA Equipment Acceptance

USDA Equipment Acceptance Certificate for the DST600, DST500, and DSX500. Complance with NSF/ANSI/3-A-14159-1-2019 (Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment). View Certificate