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Thermocouples vs. RTDs

There are two basic types of electronic temperature sensors: thermocouples and resistance sensors (primarily RTDs and thermistors.) Thermocouples have much less mass in the sensor itself, and can be grounded - meaning the sensor actually touches the inside wall of its protective sheath, giving a much quicker transfer of heat energy - for a non-transmitting […]

Choosing the correct Digi-Stem® Meter for your application

Need help choosing the correct Digi-Stem® Meter for your application? Digi-Stem® Digital Temperature Meters are available with different measuring technologies and configurations to meet the needs of your application. Models are available in Thermocouple and RTD varities, with or without transmitters. Specialty models are available for Intrinsically Safe applications, and where Max-Min temperature recording is […]

Visit us at IFTPS 2024 in Nashville, TN!

Palmer Wahl will once again be attending the IFTPS annual meeting (Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists), to be held this year in Nashville, TN.  Happening March 12 - 14 at the Lowe's Nashville Hotel, Palmer Wahl will be there with our DST600 Digi-Stem® RTD Meters for retorts, as well as our new DSP Digi-Stem® Advanced […]

Infrared Temperature: How It Works

Are you interested in how Infrared Temperature Measurement works? Are you trying to understand the physics behind the process? Wahl Instruments invented portable handheld infrared temperature measurement with our Heat Spy series.  Our expertise in infrared means we know it inside and out - and we're happy to share our knowledge! Watch our Seven Part […]

Digi-Stem® Quick Disconnect

Many of our Digi-Stem thermometers are available with Remote Probes to allow for installation in a variety of applications.  We offer two different types of Straight Quick Disconnect connectors:  standard (metal) quick disconnect hardware and thermoplastic polyurethane quick disconnectors.  Both connectors are IEC IP67 Rated. Please note that cables with molded connectors are made to […]

Calibrating a Digi-Stem® DST600

Palmer Wahl offers DSTCAL software for the calibration of our Digi-Stem DST600 units.  Watch below to see a demonstration performed by our product expert, Jim Eldridge, to learn more.

USDA Equipment Acceptance

USDA Equipment Acceptance Certificate for the DST600, DST500, and DSX500. Complance with NSF/ANSI/3-A-14159-1-2019 (Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment). View Certificate

DST500 for Freezer Use

Midwest Food Processing Company Reduces Costs, Increases Processing Speed, and Improves Measurement Accuracy with the Wahl Digi-Stem® LEARN MORE

FDA Final Rule 21 CFR Part 113

Title 21 of the US Code of Federal Regulations concerns the FDA department of Health & Human Services and how they regulate food for human consumption.  Part 113 of the title specifically concerns Thermally Processed Low-Acid Foods packaged in hermetically sealed containers. Visit the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 page for more information. […]

Transmitter for Pet Food Processing

Transmitter for Pet Food Processing U.S. Pet Food Processing Company uses Wahl Transmitters to increase measurement accuracy for safe and healthy dog food! LEARN MORE