Classic Industrial Thermometers, 9 inch case, 300 Series


Palmer 300 Series Classic Industrial Thermometers set industry standards for accuracy, quality, and rugged operation.  With looks to match their performance, these classic thermometers are designed and constructed for long-term industrial process service. For some applications requiring maximum response time using a union instead of a thermowell, specify one piece stem and bulb.

Available in straight, 90° back angle, 90° left side, 90° right side, 45° incline, or 45° recline angles.

The 9 inch (220 mm) case is made of extruded V shaped brass with a chrome finish.  Numerals and graduations are printed on a painted metal scale; engraved scales are optional for some ranges.  The "Red-Reading" lens glass tube is individually calibrated, thoroughly annealed and aged for permanent accuracy.

Mercury Fill is standard; red spirit fill is optional for temperature ranges up to 300°F / 150°C.  Mercury filled models have an accuracy of ±1/2 scale division, and red spirit filled models have an accuracy of ±1 scale division.  *Please note that only mercury fill is suitable for food processing applications.

Fitting is 1/4"-18 UNEF machined Brass Swivel Nut connection.  Stainless Steel is optional.  Bulb features a tapered design for maximum contact and heat transfer from thermowell.

Matches with 1140 Series Thermowells.

Mercury is restricted for use in some locations. Learn More

Mercury Free Option


Case Length

9 inch case

Case Material

Extruded “V” shaped brass with chrome finish

Case Style

90° back angle
90° left angle
90° right angle
45° incline
45° recline


Instrument Quality Glass


Red Spirit


Mercury: ±1/2 scale division
Red Spirit: ± 1 scale division


1/4"-18 UNEF machined Brass Swivel Nut standard
Stainless steel optional.

Stem Material

304 Stainless Steel standard
316 Stainless Steel optional

Stem Length

3.5 inches (89 mm)
6 inches (152.4 mm)
8 inches (203 mm)
12 inches (305 mm)

Standard Temperature Ranges

Fahrenheit Ranges
0° to 100°F
30° to 180°F
30° to 240°F
170° to 270°F
30° to 300°F
50° to 400°F
200° to 300°F
200° to 400°F

Celsius Ranges
-18° to 40°C
0° to 80°C
0° to 115°C
0° to 150°C
10° to 205°C

Dual Scale Ranges
170° to 270°F & P
0° to 100°F & °Re

Optional Temperature Ranges

Fahrenheit Ranges
-40° to 110°F
-30° to 130°F
0° to 160°F
180° to 360°F
250° to 400°F
100° to 550°F
150° to 600°F
200° to 750°F

Celsius Ranges
-40° to 45°C
40° to 265°C
95° to 405°C

Dual Scale Ranges
180° to 360°F & P


Tapered design for maximum contact and heat transfer from Thermowell. Made of Stainless Steel.


Numerals and graduations are printed on a painted metal scale. Engraved Scale for optional ranges.


Case Drain Holes
Dual Scale
Special Engraved Scale
One-Piece Stem/Bulb
Plastic Crystal
Red Spirit Fill (up to 300°F)
304 SS Swivel Nut