Sanitary Bimetal Thermometers

For sterile processing environments.  Palmer Sanitary bimetal thermometers are designed to be inserted directly into the process without a thermowell.  Featurs Tri-Clamp® sanitary fittings for faster installation and speed of response with reduced installation costs.


These thermometers are designed to be installed directly into the process, with no thermowell needed.  Palmer Sanitary Bimetal Thermometers utilize standard Tri-Clamp® sanitary fittings for faster installation and speed of response with reduced installation costs.  Our units comply with Sanitary Standard 3A 74-06; all product contact surfaces and radii comply with this industry wide standard. Bimetal sensor eliminates any concern over mercury or glass tubes.

Choices for 1-1/2 inch, 2 inch or 3 inch Tri-Clamp® fitting diameter, 2-1/2 inch, 4-1/2 inch, 6 inch, or 9 inch stem length, and 3 inch or 5 inch dial face diameter in either Back Connected or Adjustable All Angle case style, depending on the requirements of your installation.

Read more about choosing the appropriate sanitary fitting size.

Suitable for all sterile processing environments.

A heavy-duty, heat-resistant gasket seals out moisture, preventing icing and condensation, even in wash-down areas.

An adjustable pointer provides easy, precise recalibration. This feature also permits setting for zero calibration error at any desired temperature point within scale range.

Deep-drawn 3 inch or 5 inch metal dials with aligned pointer provides an anti-parallax design, creating significantly improved legibility and reduced reading errors. Low glare dial background surface printed with high-contrast numerals and graduations.

Consistent accuracy is achieved within one scale division. High accuracy range of 120° to 200°F in 0.5°F divisions. Ambient temperature changes in the thermometer’s case location will not affect accuracy.

Form: All Angle Adjustable or Fixed Back Connected.
Case: Polished-Type 304 Stainless Steel Case and Bezel in 3 inch (76 mm) or 5 inch (127 mm) Size.
Stem Material: Type 304 Stainless Steel, 5/16 inch Diameter.
Stem Length: Same Immersion as a Sanitary Thermowell. 2-1/2 inch, 4-1/2 inch, 6 inch, or 9 inch stem.
Fitting: One Piece Solid Barstock, 3A15 Sanitary Fitting 1-1/2 inch, 2 inch, or 3 inch Tri-Clamp®.
Dial Face: Black Graduations and Numerals on White Background.
Anti-parallax Dial Design with Linear Scale. High-Visibility Tapered-Tip Black Pointer.

Lens: Plastic Crystal.
Calibration: Micro Adjustable Pointer.
Over-Range: Protected for temporary swings up to 50% over-range without effect.
Compliance: Sanitary Standard 3A 74-06.
Accuracy: 1% of Full Range.
Warranty: One Year Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

3BES - 3 inch Dial Face, Back connection.

3AES - 3 inch Dial Face, All-Angle connection

5BES - 5 inch Dial Face, Back connection.

5AES - 5 inch Dial Face, All-Angle connection.

Tri-Clamp is a registered trademark of Alfa Laval Corporate, AB



Case Style

All Angle Adjustable
Fixed Back Connected


Polished-Type 304 Stainless Steel dial in 3” (3-5/16 inch actual) or 5” (5-1/16 inch actual) size.


Single helix bimetallic coil sensing element, with silicone gel coated coil for ranges below 500°F, located in bottom 2-1/2 inches of thermometer stem.

Dial Face

Black graduations and numerals on white background. Anti-parallax dial design linear scale with high-visibility tapered-tip black pointer.


Plastic Crystal (Optional Shatterproof Safety Glass available)

Tri-Clamp® Fitting

One Piece Solid Bar stock, 3-A Sanitary Fitting, 304 Stainless Steel.
Tri-Clamp® sizes: 1-1/2 inch, 2 inches, or 3 inches.


5/16” (7.94mm) Diameter Polished-Type 304 Stainless Steel. All welded. (Optional 316SS available)

Stem Lengths

2-1/2 inches (63.5 mm)
4-1/2 inches (114 mm)
6 inches (152 mm)
9 inches (229 mm)
(Other lengths available, call for details)

Temperature Ranges

Fahrenheit Ranges:
-40° to 120°F, 1° Divisions
0° to 200°F, 2° Divisions
0° to 250°F, 2° Divisions
25° to 125°F, 1° Divisions (available with 4-1/2 inch stem length only)
50° to 300°F, 2° Divisions
50° to 400°F, 5° Divisions

Celsius Ranges:
-50° to 100°C, 1° Divisions
-20° to 120°C, 1° Divisions
0° to 50°C, 0.5° Divisions (available with 4-1/2 inch stem length only)
0° to 100°C, 1° Divisions
0° to 150°C, 1° Divisions
0° to 200°C, 2° Divisions


Glycerin Fill
316SS Fitting, Stem, and Tri-Clamp®
Shatterproof Safety Glass Cover (Plastic Crystal Standard)
Electropolishing & other finishes available (call for details)


One year warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship


Adjustable pointer.


Protected design allows temporary swings of up to 50% of range without permanent damage to thermometer.


ASME B-40.3 Grade A, ± 1% of Full Scale. Ambient temperature changes at the case will not affect accuracy.

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