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Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imagers

Custom Engineered Sensors


Hand Held Infrared Thermometers

Hand held
Infrared Thermometers

Fixed Infrared Pyrometers

Fixed Infrared Pyrometers

Temp-Plate Temperature Sensitive Labels

Temp-Plate Irreversible Temperature

Digi-Stem Digital Therometers

Digi-Stem® Digital Thermometers

Industrial Thermometers

Industrial Thermometers

Pressure Pumps

Precision Test Gauges




Multifunction, Temperature & Process Calibrators

Hand Held Meters and Probes

Heat Prober
Hand held Meters
and Probes

Black Body Calibrators

Black Body Calibrators

Pressure Recorders

Temperature & Pressure
Chart Recorder

Pressure gauges


Bimetal & Filled System Thermometers

Bimetal & Filled

Data Loggers

Data Loggers

Custom Dial Faces

Custom Dials

Soldering Iron Testers

Soldering Iron Testers

Custom Engineered Sensors

Custom Engineered
RTD & T/C Sensors


On-Demand Videos

Product Catalog

Product Catalog


Click here to view our catalog detailing a small selection of bespoke Temperature Engineered Designs from the 1,000`s available from Palmer Wahl for use in the Petrochemical, Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Engineered Industrial Temperature Sensors

Training Institute

Reps and Distributors: You're invited to our 2017 Palmer Wahl Training Institute Sessions. Simply go to the Salesman Login pages for a link to the updated flyer, or contact Andy Greever at for more info.

Engineered Industrial Temperature Sensors

Experienced Wahl Engineers are on-call to offer assistance with product design to meet the specifications and demanding requirements of your process.

NEW! Wahl 150 & 170 Imagers

• IR / Visible Light / Picture-in-Picture
• Touch Screen
• Every Pixel Calibrated
• Standard Lens plus 3 Optional Lenses
• 60Hz* or 9Hz Frame Rate

170 & 150 Series
Plumbing, PVF and HVAC Flyer

Announcing our Plumbing, PVF and HVAC Interactive Flyer

Includes our
• Industrial Thermometers and Thermowells
• Pressure Gauges and Accessories
• Bimetal and Infrareds

Announcing our FIRST Fully Interactive Product Catalog

Showcasing our full range of products, the NEW Palmer Wahl Product Guide is a fully interactive Flipbook style catalog. Turn pages just like you would in a real magazine to browse our comprehensive product line.

Easy to use built in navigation makes this a one-stop tool for all the important info you need - now available at your fingertips.

Thumbnail Catalog

NEW! Palmer Pelican® Case Recorder  - our top quality 8" chart recorder now comes housed in a rugged Pelican® Case.

Watertight, Crushproof, and Dust-proof

Palmer Pelican® Case Recorder
New! Custom Dial Face Designs now Available


More new products from Palmer Wahl

Thermal Imaging


NEW Best-In-Class resolution available with the Wahl z70 Chief Inspector

New! Wahl Digi-Stem DST400 from Wahl Instruments, Inc.




"Read what our Thermography Experts are saying
about thermal imaging cameras in the Industry."

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
New! High Accuracy, Multifunction Calibrator, the new C150 is an easy to use, high
performance tool
. More.

New! DHS125XELHybrid Infrared thermometer is an intelligent contact and non-contact infrared thermometer which uses eSmart and Color
Identification Signal Technology
. More.
Click on Palmer Wahl Institute for training on
our thermal imaging cameras...
New! Join our team... from Palmer Instruments, Inc.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. Manufactured in North Carolina Measurement Control and Automation Association 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. Food Processing Suppliers Association Institute For Thermal Processing Specialists



Welcome to Palmer Wahl, With over 181 years of continued innovation, we are a leader in the manufacture of
quality industrial instruments. Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to offer an extensive line of the world’s
finest temperature, pressure, humidity, test and calibration products.

Palmer Instruments, started as America's first thermometer company in Cincinnati, OH in 1836.  Since that time,
Palmer has steadily evolved through product development geared exclusively towards industrial process
measurement, test and calibration.

Wahl Instruments, founded in Culver City, CA, in 1953, manufactured precision temperature instruments for 
industry, and developed the first portable digital platinum-RTD contact thermometer system. Since then, Wahl
has introduced many technical innovations in portable temperature instruments.

Together…Palmer Wahl, with over 181 years of continuous product innovation, offers the finest selection of
Industrial Instrumentation products in the world, and is
uniquely qualified to provide application/technical
support, installation and calibration services and product selection from an extensive line of industrial
temperature, pressure, humidity, test & calibration instruments - including food processing thermometers;
infrared thermometers; temperature calibrators; bimetal, dial, industrial, and laboratory thermometers and
thermowells; pressure gauges; temperature recording labels; chart recorders; RTD and T
meters; and micro-ohmmeters. Calibration services available. ISO 9001:2008 Certified.


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