Four New Series of Pressure Transducers Now Available
May 19, 2020    
Our four new series of pressure transducers are now available.  With a focus on accuracy, each series is available with ultra high accuracy of 0.1% over the entire ambient temperature range of -10° to 70°C (14° to 158°F). Standard versions are also 0.1% at 23°C, with accuracy up to 1.0% max between -10° to 70°C (14° to 158°F).  Each sensor can withstand extended ambient temperatures down to -40°C and up to 125°C (-40° to 257°F). These transducers are an excellent value at this higher accuracy level.

Choose from two styles of industrial style transmitters - the CS series with solid state ceramic sensors, and the SS series with silicon pressure sensors. Both series offer compact, rugged 304 stainless steel housings with NEMA 4X and IP65 rating.

The CS series is available in relative and absolute gauge ranges from 5 to 700 PSI and sealed gauge ranges from 1,500 to 12,000 PSI. Ideal for use in environments with harsh chemicals, high EMI/RFI immunity ratings, outdoors, or where dust or particulate matter is present. Relative and absolute ranges are available up to 700 PSI, and sealed gauge ranges up to 12,000 PSI.

SS series models are offered in relative and absolute gauge ranges up to 500 PSI, sealed gauge ranges up to 15,000 PSI, and compound gauge ranges from ± 5 to ± 15 PSI.

Sanitary style transmitters use silicon sensors, utilize a 316L stainless steel diaphragm with 2 inch Tri-Clamp® fitting designed for sanitary fluid process applications in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and dairy processing applications. Filled with Food Grade Glycerin. Sanitary models are available in relative gauge ranges up to 600 PSI, compound gauge ranges from ± 1 to ± 15 PSI and vacuum gauge ranges from -15 to -1 PSI.  
DP series differential pressure transmitters have two ports for the measurement of gases or liquids; measure pressure changes across filters or other advanced processes and are available in relative gauge ranges up to 300 PSI.

All pressure transducer series are available with choice of signal output, process connection, and electronic connector, featuring high stability with low drift.

These high performance, accurate pressure transmitters are another product offered with Palmer Wahl’s promise to go Beyond the Scale. Contact Palmer Wahl Instruments, Inc. at or call us at 828-658-3131 for more information, or for assistance in choosing the best model for your application.