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NEW! AFFORDABLE, High-Performance Thermal Imager Cameras.

Now with a Free Wahl Heat Spy Infrared Thermometer included with purchase!

Wahl Instruments, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of the HSI3000 to its line of Wahl Heat Spy Thermal Imaging Cameras. 

The Wahl Heat Spy Imager HSI3000 is a high performance thermal imaging camera which features a 160 x 120 FPA, uncooled microbolometer array, capable of producing crisp high-resolution real time thermal images displayed on a large, bright 3.5" color LCD with LED backlight.

Two measurement cursors, movable anywhere in the image, provide temperature readings at each cursor location and indicates real-time differential temperature measurement between the two points anywhere along the 14F to 482F (-10C to +250C) range. A trigger activated Class II laser, precisely identifies problem hot spots.

Up to 1000 images can be stored on-board for recall and post analysis. Images can also be downloaded to a PC from the supplied SD card or USB connection for use with the software included.

HSI3000 is shipped complete with: Rugged, Waterproof Carrying Case, Wrist Strap, Battery, AC Adapter, User Manual, Software CD, USB Cable, SD Card and SD Card Reader, plus a Free Wahl Heat Spy Infrared Thermometer. (see below) 

Wahls NEW DHS85XL is included "FREE" with your HSI3000 Camera!


"Trade Shows Announcement"

Featuring! Our NEW Thermal Imaging Camera, NEW Hand Held Infrared Thermometers, NEW Calibration Instruments and Temperature Meters and Probes and MORE! You are invited to come and see or request an on-site demo when we are in town. Visit our website to see when we will be in your area.

Visit our Website: for a complete list of shows.

Or Contact Customer Service: to schedule an on-site demo at 1-800-421-2853 or email


HSI3000 Lease Program

When budgets are tight and it is nearly impossible to come up with enough money to purchase a camera outright, then consider taking advantage of our attractive Leasing Programs. Wahl leasing plans can save you hundreds of dollars on the overall cost of leasing an Imager, due to a modest down payment and low interest rates. The result is the lowest total cost of ownership of any leasing company! Thus, maximizing your return on investment (ROI) which satisfies even the toughest Boss!


The Wahl Heat Spy Imager Leasing Program may be just what you need. We make it easier than ever to put a camera in your hands. Lease an HSI3000 Thermal Imager and start to maximize your ROI without tying up capital, and enjoy the benefits now of what an HSI3000 can do for you.

Let a Wahl Leasing Plan work for you!
Get your application online or call.              1-800-421-2853


NEW! Wahl Heat Spy® Portable Infrared Thermometer - Bluetooth Enabled

The Wahl DHS520 is a general purpose, high precision, portable infrared thermometer, designed for accurate measurement of temperatures in the range of 1022°F to 5432°F (550° to 3000°C). The measured temperature is displayed in four simultaneous modes: continuous, average, peak and valley, with user selected mode for the viewfinder display. Accurate sighting is ensured by the clear, wide angle (9°) field of view and small, clearly defined (1/3°) measurement area. Focusing is variable from 1m to infinity, with close focus options available using auxiliary lenses.

Emissivity compensation is provided via the icon-based menu system. The operating waveband has been carefully chosen to minimize errors due to uncertainty in emissivity and the effects of atmospheric vapor components. Two models are available - DHS520 and DHS520B. Both provide wired RS232 serial communications. The Wahl DHS520B also features user-friendly 'Bluetooth' wireless communications.



Infrared Thermometer DHS85XL-- The most economical and highest performing Heat Spy in its class.

-- Used for close range 8:1 and temperatures upto 619F (326C)


The Wahl "DHS115 Series" Infrared Thermometer. These incredible accurate and robust Heat Spy's will help you diagnose any problem.

12:1 Distance to Spot Ratio

DHS135XEL Infrared Thermometer. -- -       -Long Distance (30:1)
High Temperature capability up to (1832F)

DHS 215 Series Infrared Thermometer. ----- -- Extra Long Distance (50:1)
-- High Temperature (1832F)

Pocket Thermometer: Thermocouple / RTD & Combined.

Pocket CalibratorsThermocouple or RTD.

Pocket Process Signal Calibrator.

C50, 75 & 100 On-site Multifunction Calibrator.


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